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Teaching Kids About Firearms

Why all the hullabaloo about children having access to guns.

Back in the day when people actually had some common sense and didn’t need to be concerned about being culturally advanced by practicing the proper political correctness, we actually had a society where people were able to make their own good decisions and choices in life without fear of repercussions from big government. 490 more words


Our Country was Founded on the Belief in Personal Freedom

Our country wasn’t founded on socialist ideals.

Unlike Europe, we believe in individual freedom and freedom of choice. Our ancestors all migrated so they could practice not only religious freedom but freedom of choice in all areas of their life. 475 more words


This Memorial Day, a writer bares her soul...

Ah, Memorial Day… for many it signifies the kick off of summer, a time for family, fun, sun, barbeques and a glorious three day weekend. For others, it’s a day of patriotism and the unabashed pride we feel as Americans. 757 more words


To all those who pee..

This may come as a surprise to you, but the truth is… we all pee. It is the other aspects of our lives where we differ. 1,545 more words


Washington's Bureaucracy Strikes Again

From the Daily Signal, by Sen. Mike Lee

If you want to understand the corruption, deceit, and might-makes-right culture at the core of the federal government’s dysfunction and disgrace today, look no farther than the two big stories out of Washington last week. 568 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

London's Getting a New Mayor - but don't get too excited

Our system of having a London mayor is not a traditional one. The position was inspired by what is done in several widely dispersed cities around the world, and perhaps most of all in New York, famous for larger than life characters who seem to be able to create camaraderie and get things done, or so we are encouraged to believe. 3,576 more words

London Underground


There were many reasons the United states wanted to break from England. As explained in David Barton’s book, Jefferson Lies, taxation without representation was just one of twenty-seven. 505 more words