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Confirmed US Ambassadors as of July 28

you will note most of the ambassadors are holdovers from the Obama administration at this point..


I’d like to discuss the history of healthcare before discussing the future of healthcare.

I have included excerpts from numerous sources so you will have to scroll through and read them as you wish. 10,928 more words

Railways, and the ‘N’ word...

I found myself becoming irritated about the often ill-informed comments being made in run up to election about possible railway ‘re-nationalization’. It is hard to puzzle out, from the muddled promises and assertions, either what exactly is going to be more ‘nationalized’ than our existing government-run system or what, precisely, the benefits will be. 3,651 more words

Our Government

Public Distribution system and its leakages

The Duplicitous in Tamil Nadu Public distribution system is known for many years across the state. I hate going to ration shop through which state government distribute provisions at nominal rate. 457 more words

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Corporate Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Lord thank you for last nights amazing Prayer Night. The church was packed with like-minded prayer warriors who wanted to pray for our city, which happens to be the nations capital. 273 more words


I shouldn't laugh...

So we have the great orange hype in the White House. I already know how this shit is going to play out soooooo yeh. I have like maybe 10 people that read my blog and may have just lost like 7 of the readers. 262 more words

The Vision Of America

Written By: Gary Wonning

In spite of what we are often told by the media and those who would want to destroy our country and turn it into a socialist nightmare, the United States is still that new Jerusalem, that shining city on the hill that most people look to for guidance and leadership. 203 more words