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Welcome to Blue Marble

Over the last few weeks, and detestably months, the smallest of inklings have been buzzing around my head and I honestly have had enough of it, so I’ve decided to make a place to rant about it. 163 more words

Dreaming up what our first vacation-rental "baby" would be like (aka Slipping Away, Part II)

This was a pretty exciting time for us.  Everywhere we looked there was inspiration and DECISIONS to make!

  • What would the perfect vacation setting be if you were visiting this area for the first time?
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Starting Out

Deciding to convert a rental property into a vacation rental….

Our decision to convert our cottage in St Marys, GA from a full-time rental to a short-term vacation rental turned out to be the right choice although almost no one we talked to at the time about it, was optimistic about our plans. 950 more words

Starting Out

Slipping Away (Part 1, She is conceived)

Back in 2004, we fell in love with the town of St Marys, GA.  It reminded us of how the beach towns of our youth felt before they became so commercialized and touristy.  260 more words

Starting Out

Stuff happens, just expect it

Through the years we’ve had all kinds of things go wrong with our vacation rentals WHILE they were occupied. Today was one of those days for me where you wish the ground would open up and swallow you whole. 474 more words

Starting Out

SNOW time like the present!

It’s snowing today so I’m working from home.  We had guests in the Little House over the weekend so now’s the perfect time to clean it so it’s ready for the next guest.  433 more words

Our Homes

Why I struggle with cable, phone & internet providers

$150 month?  Easy for both TV and internet in a Vacation Rental (VR).  What do you do when that bill alone is more than you make with a weekend rental? 253 more words

Our Homes