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Forward Progress and How Faith Makes Me a Better Engineer

First of all, for those who follow my blog, I have a tiny seed of hope I’ve begun carefully nurturing that our long conversion journey may have a end in sight.   797 more words



For any entrepreneur his/her first project will be the most important one. So like anybody else even for us our maiden project was the most important one. 749 more words

Our Journey

Emptying a House


That’s the word of the day, or week.

We have been sorting and organizing.

Fixing and replacing.

Trashing and donating.

Buying and selling.

Visiting and packing. 741 more words

Our Journey

Losing My "Whiteness?"

Race is a complicated, emotional issue, particularly right now in the US.  For me, though, my focus lately is much more on something much closer to me than the headlines, but I didn’t realize it until I was discussing recent headlines with a friend who happens to be a person of color. 957 more words


Broken... but not destroyed

Things have been piling on lately. Ever feel like that? Like one small thing may actually break you in half because what you’re already carrying is so vast and huge and wide and deep that you’re past your capacity to cope in every single way you know how? 1,225 more words

I Was There

When the Voice shook the earth
and miracles happened
I was there, unseen and unknown
I wandered through centuries
I lived lives wild and untamable… 187 more words


6 Years

Last Friday, my calendar popped up a notice.  It had been 6 years since the day I had decided to convert.  I had miscounted and all this year I had been thinking it was 7.   423 more words