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Dancing with Horses

In the quiet of the morning, I enter the tranquil barn. I walk toward her stall, and out of the stillness I softly utter her name. 269 more words

Our Journey

The Power of Wonder

Shifting colors, mostly green.  First, they look like clouds, then, they take form, shifting in the night sky.  It’s so cold, just shy of the arctic circle.   598 more words


Well, where do I start!! I am a Mum to two children. My daughter (Big Bear) who is now 12 years old and my son (Little Bear) who is 13 months. 1,179 more words

Passover Prep - Alaska Style!

The sun is now up past bedtime.  It peeks through the little edges of the blackout shades, sneaking into the room, tiptoeing to my eyelids.  Granted, bedtime at the Safek household is around 9-9:30pm.   757 more words


What's In a Name?

We walked, silently, around and around the fortress-like building in which we both worked.  He wasn’t yet anything more to me than a stranger, a slightly unusual guy who sat a cube row over.   1,110 more words


Ten Old Wives Tales About Conception

I love hearing about different things women try to get pregnant. Growing up, my family was full of them! So I thought it would be fun to make a list of old wives tales about conception and see if any of them actually work! 146 more words


Where G-d Has the Will, We Find a Way

We don’t live within walking distance of our shul.  We want to be within walking distance of our shul on Shabbat.  We weren’t willing to pack up and move across town because it seemed wiser to wait and save up for a bigger move out to a bigger Jewish community. 348 more words