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Just Say 'No'

The end of our grad school loans is near. In one of my first posts, I shared that we had about $43,000 in debt at the end of my Master’s program. 820 more words


It Was Just Another War Movie!

Missionaries go to the Doctor’s too!

The planes were strafing!  The bombs were dropping! The people were dying!  The tanks were moving!  For this movie to be so realistic, it must have been produced in Hollywood, and imported into Russia.  1,446 more words

It hurts to be untrue to what i gained through you

I cannot live forever

I know that i belong to only you

so i know often our minds maybe misleading… 32 more words


Let the journey commence (Part 2 of 2)

(Thanks for tuning in to Part 2 of 2 our this journal blog as we continue down the road to adoption). 

3.  Surround Yourself With People Who Encourage and Support You… 720 more words


Yom HaShoah

“G-d is in the rain.”

It’s a line from one of my favorite movies, which came out several years ago, but I found it poignant for reasons that had little to do with its use in the film.   899 more words


It All Begins In Darkness

A non-Jewish coworker once asked me why Shabbat and our holidays all begin at sundown.  My first response was that in the Jewish calendar, days begin at sundown, but after he happily accepted that easy answer, I thought about it a bit and realized his question was actually a pretty profound one. 839 more words


Eruv Shabbos, the World Inhales

It’s so still outside that it’s worth the insomnia that kept me up to see it and, more importantly hear it.  Underneath the stillness, there are birds calling to each other, first just the dark blue jays, so much bigger than the jays I grew up with and missing the white.   338 more words