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Floral Crowns

The girls and I got together to work on floral crowns. Check them out to see how they turned out. 

Our Journey

So mindfulness exposes the nature of thought, emotion and body sensation!

Mindfulness in full swing curtails the proliferation of thought and emotion at times.
This ability exposes the brilliance of experiencing life unencumbered in this present moment. 96 more words


Fate: cruel or a blessing? (Part 1) by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

It was always the smile. It was always the eyes. They were so magical, mesmerized me at so many levels. Each time I dared to look at her, to dare a smile, she would return it in kind; her eyes would sparkle and her smile would melt my heart. 408 more words

Personal Story

The Worst Things About Travelling with a Photographer

1. Waiting for them to take pictures of everything. Really, everything.
2. Sudden stops on seemingly normal routes to take a picture.
3. ETA’s never being right due to added photo taking time. 414 more words


Olivers first off property over fences schooling.

Today was the day that Oliver began his first steps towards showing over fences with his first time schooling off property. We trailered out to Meadowlarke for their open schooling day with a friend from our stable. 302 more words

Our Journey

Good-bye Part 2 - February 20th, 2015

“How foolish.”

All the scenarios and possibilities that might have resulted in could-be’s were flashing at such a pace that the realization of the fact that in the end there would be no chance for appeal, wasn’t latching on to my conscious. 531 more words

Our Journey

Breaking the Silence

Starting this blog is long overdue. Infertility consumes your thoughts and leaves you in a lonely state.  It is an intimate and private condition that is rarely shared without shame. 153 more words