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Book Review - Travel the World on $50 a Day

Travel hacking is a broad term to talk about keeping your costs low and finding ways to travel for free. We’ve been hanging in Los Angeles for longer than we anticipated so it’s time to get serious about lowering our costs and start diving deep into the realm of Travel Hacking! 527 more words


A good day for a lunge

Mondays are usually O’s day off from under saddle work so we usually do a short 20-30 minute lunge in side reins.

Today he was exceptionally well behaved considering the arena was busy with riders and a pony being jumped all over. 58 more words

Our Journey

We have embryos!

I remember sitting in the RE office a little over two years ago and listening to him tell us we needed to consider a sperm donor if we wanted to do IVF.

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A Place to Call Home

The past two days as I’ve been praying, resting and waiting on the Lord I’ve been so aware of God’s nature in this beautiful place. I find myself watching the birds, bees, butterflies and bugs, listening to the ocean waves and the gurgling of the fountains and it reminds me of how much I miss the oasis we left behind in Vernon last year. 931 more words

Our Journey

ER Day

When the nurse woke me up from anesthesia, I immediately starting crying. I couldn’t believe that the ER was over and we have made it this far. 396 more words


Another good ride

It seems that this week has been good ride after good ride, even with the little bit of spring fever O seems to have. Last ride we did trot poles and he was great – we did several poles in a row and I think there was 10 poles total in a row and he loved it! 446 more words

Our Journey

Stocking up with auctions

If you’ve never been to an auction, I suggest checking one out. You can get a lot of good stuff (and yes, some “junk”). My wife and I go once a week and it’s where we pick up a lot of supplies. 146 more words