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Co-ops team up to convert community eyesore into community centerpiece

The cooperative principle, concern for community, was never more visible in Fairfield, MT, than with a community parking lot project that brought two co-ops and another community-minded organization together. 299 more words


Our Guiding Family! Esther Keller

District Commissioner since 2013

Esther Keller is a District Commissioner in Lennoxville and continues to provide an awesome Guiding experience for the girls by supporting and mentoring the Guiders in her District. 174 more words

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What do Shuang, Chuck and Lorri have in common?

They have paintings hanging in City Hall in honor of the Balboa Park Centennial  We are so proud of them as they should be also. 234 more words


A lake by any other name wouldn't be a Lindo!

 Stan Goudy has won countless awards and honors and is recognized as a master artist! He teaches classes and workshops including a
very popular workshop in Julian with Jim Millard. 141 more words


You could walk around and see art all over the street

Under the big top, or the art tent, plenty of artists shared their wares. SDWS member Codie Carman had a busy booth and we did as well. 112 more words


A day in the life of Basin Electric Director Allen Thiessen

If you want a glimpse into the heart of the cooperative philosophy, hop into Allen and Sue Thiessen’s pickup truck, and ride through Lambert, MT. 257 more words

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