Buttercake n Cream

This beautiful gem is quite hidden and difficult to find (IMO), but my friends and I were AWED by the décor of the café the moment we stepped inside. 219 more words


It's All Coming Back On Me Now!

The consequences of doing what I wanted to do and leaving so many questions unanswered that serve as the worst sleeping pill in the world. Discipline is the only thing left I have to reach for, everything else seems just out of reach. 114 more words


Knowing by Randy Wayne Spire.

There’s a storm coming

I can see it

feel it

breathe it

It’s almost here.

I stand alone on a cliff… 60 more words


So Your Saying There's A Chance!

I have the ball with six seconds left down by two, but unlike Notre Dame, I have to hit the shot! Or my shot at any kind of life goes down the drain once and for all. 212 more words

White America!

Do something, anything man or be passed over and forgotten, not even a memory! You’ve still got a shot to make your mark and change history, hell the Khardashians are famous for nothing. 268 more words

That Sinking Feeling.

When you know that this is the end and you made deal after deal and never kept your end of the bargain! The reaper comes for all of us at some point and what he is bringing with him now looks pretty grim! 183 more words

Jesus Christ, It's Going To Take A Miracle!

And fuck me man, I seem to be all out of those at the moment. Can’t look up and ask God, he’s as tired of hearing about it as everybody down here is. 202 more words