‪#‎23Ways‬ You Could Be Killed If You Are Black In America [Watch]

MIC ORIGINAL: 23 voices — Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Chris Rock, Rihanna, Taraji P. Henson, Pharrell Williams and so many others — reveal a shocking video to bring awareness of the policy brutality in our country… 23 more words

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Ownership by Randy Wayne Spire.

I know blame

Crawling, stalling

Days beyond count.

I own shame

Fending, bending

Both dark and light.

My hands

Slapping, punching… 53 more words


It's Not The Mistake!

Everybody else has already forgotten the mistake. You’re the one who keeps beating yourself up over it, their waiting to see what you do! People put their lives on hold, people stood up for you, people deserve better from you and your still busy worried about what doesn’t matter, the mistake. 584 more words

Rare Is The Day

Rare is the day where
I don’t think of your lovely smile,
your style and grace.
You’ve got such a beautiful face.

Rare is the day where… 177 more words

Easy is a lie

Easy only makes it harder down the line. Easy makes you think you have time, easy makes you lazy. They always said you can take the easy way out, that’s where I quit listening. 264 more words

Curious and curiouser!

Remember that guy you met months ago and who had clearly no interest in you but you told him your feelings anyway? Just so that you could say you tried? 687 more words


Seeing Your Ex!

You’re only lying to yourself to protect your heart. I hear, he’s uglier than me, I hear you are so much better, but nobody wants to see an ex they cared about with someone else. 135 more words