It Isn't And Option!

You may have thought it was, hell you may have even made it and option in your head, but it never was. It has to happen, you can keep pretending, but the second you sack up and grow up and quit pretending you’ll see there is but one option left. 162 more words

It May Seem cliché

It may seem a bit cliché,
but it’s the falling in love
that’s got me acting this way.
It doesn’t matter what they say
because at the end of the day… 124 more words

"One Hell Of And Amen!"

“The preacher said he died to young, over there toting that gun for Uncle Sam and our freedom.  Mom and Dad dressed in black, they folded up that flag, handed it to dad and started praying, yeah he went out twenty-one guns a blazing! 232 more words

It Became Clearer When I Finally Realized Who I was!

The smoke cleared and all that was left was the man in the mirror. No more excuses as to why I can’t, nobody there this time to tell me it will be okay, no that well ran dry a long time ago. 258 more words

Take Two!! Because I Got High!

My bad about that forty word post, my bad, you tend to hit the wrong buttons when your high! It’s not like one is white and one is like bluish-green, yeah there so hard to tell apart. 241 more words

Conversations With A Mad Man! Just Never Thought The Mad Man Would Turn Out Too Be Me!

Boy, that’s not a question you want to start your week off asking yourself! You could answer it with more lies, but what’s the point in that? 389 more words

Fuck You, This Time I Win! Oh Yeah, Happy Mothers Day!

I win this time because I have no more time to lose! I win this time because as I sat next to mom at church today because that was where she wanted me on Mother’s Day, but I win because I was in the right place at the right time. 276 more words