That Total Abject Failure Moment!

I’ve said I’ll never give up, I’ve said only pussies give up, I’ve said a lot of things. I’ve looked a lot of people in the eyes and made them promises I knew from the start I wouldn’t or couldn’t because of circumstances I created keep. 182 more words

Not Old Enough

I turned 45 last Friday.

Funny thing just now—my fingers went mysteriously rogue and plunked in 24 the first time ‘round.


It’s not a marker birthday or anything. 303 more words


Early this morning the heavens literally opened for a few hours. There were no breaks in between the rain, it was constant but the air was humid. 599 more words


The World's Worst Dog

Two years ago today…

As all good things must come to an end, I thought life with Rowan would go on forever. No, you’re not confused. 411 more words


Not that hair shit that’s making women’s hair fall out, but rather when do you put this all to bed? When does the madness fucking end? 219 more words

Quiet Moments

In the early morning, I peel open my eyes but it’s still dark. There’s a hint of blue morning light beginning to creep from behind the trees. 175 more words


What Was Expected Of Me!

“Hey, hey living like were renegades!” The ones who get it done, the ones that have no fear, that live like I used too. It’s about enjoying it differently the handicapped guy would go on too say. 222 more words