I Wasted All Of 2014! And Now Half Of 15!

I looked back yesterday at thirty-seven and realized the last time my parents had anything to be proud of was high school sports! Next summer will be my twentieth, so we’re going on two decades! 264 more words

No I Ain't Looking For Forgiveness!

I’ve already buried myself six feet deep Mr. Bon Jovi, but yet somehow I’m still here! Somehow I’ve gotten better looking and she hasn’t, but running in to her with the ass tool she dropped me for tonight because I wouldn’t get my shit together, yeah it didn’t make me want to rip his head off any less! 232 more words

"All Men Are Created Eqaul! Some Just Work Harder In The Preseason!"

And this is you preseason, Emmit Smith makes a lot of sense if you think about it! You can talk about what you’re going to do all you want, but your preseason is now and what will you actually do? 219 more words

It's A Matter Of Pride!

I found myself in a situation this last weekend where I was able to help other people, some took it and some didn’t. Not saying the ones that took it are wrong, they’re not, I offered but the others said, “we weren’t raised to take something we didn’t earn!” And I thought to myself, I used to have pride like that once, I used to walk with my head held high and be able to look people in the eyes! 159 more words

Shit's A lot Easier This Way!

When you’re not making excuses as to why it’s okay to be stoned all day! It’s helps with the A.D.D, it’s not like I’m hurting anyone! 284 more words

When You Pick The Wrong Butt!

And boy let me tell you when you do, all hell breaks loose my friends! When the picture comes through and it’s three butts and your girls in the middle and you pick left, let me tell you what happens to your world! 379 more words

What's The Motivation!

Who do you believe in? 2pac would go on to say I put my faith in God. What happens when God can’t do anything about it, because your motives are all wrong and what’s motivating you is wrong. 212 more words