The World We Live in

The grass isn’t that much greener, our beliefs are still the same. They say have faith, have faith, for peace will find you one day. That’s only if it can navigate through the way; the way through our cluttered hearts, the way through our scattered minds. 330 more words

Google..... Weed Maps!

Didn’t even know it existed, but and hour away from a weekend where I beat it, I was stuck in 100 degree heat with a two-hour wait, I was hitting up weed maps near the Gorge. 191 more words

In Too Deep! Like Balls Deep

And I’m not talking about the burying your dick in a chick deep, this shit is serious! This time there are no words to save it, I don’t even trust my words anymore, hell and for sure I can’t trust myself! 185 more words

All The Words I Meant To Say, But The Words Got In The Way!

And now those words have brought me to today! Today, realizing how much we depend on things! How much I depended on my cpu and the Internet not to go down and then it did. 178 more words

I'm Paranoid! What It Was, And What I Made It!

I’m tripping the song would go on to say! Afraid of success of my own fucking shadow, hell I have no idea anymore!  You ever realize after you survive it that the big bad wolf knocking at the door turned out to be little red riding hood? 237 more words

Do Not Go, There Is Still Time

“You will need other people, and you will need to be that other person to someone else.” – Jamie Tworkowski

Some of you may recognize that quote, while some of you may not. 574 more words



Just like I promised in my last post I will tell you everything and nothing about my little get-together with the other winners of a… 715 more words