Curious and curiouser!

Remember that guy you met months ago and who had clearly no interest in you but you told him your feelings anyway? Just so that you could say you tried? 687 more words


Seeing Your Ex!

You’re only lying to yourself to protect your heart. I hear, he’s uglier than me, I hear you are so much better, but nobody wants to see an ex they cared about with someone else. 135 more words

Saat seorang saudara kita membutuhkan, ada kita untuk dia

Teman, Ucok butuh bantuan kita…

Bukan malaikat dengan sayap pastinya, tapi dia betul-betul malaikat seperti yang digambarkan dan diceritakan orang-orang dalam dongeng sebelum tidurku.

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Faggot, I Used To!

I used to think it was okay to call my freind a fag when he was being stupid! I used to at times look at people from certain parts of the world and immediately assume they were the bomber! 327 more words

The thing called "respect"

Respect. What is that exactly?
And I’m not talking about the song by Aretha Franklin.

By definition respect is:

…a way of treating or thinking about something or someone.

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Where Shall I Go?

I am writing this note as a call to the world.

What it should be next? Where shall I go? Italy or California, etc? I need to find the answer. 235 more words


Pretender's Game

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It’s the pretender’s game,
and there is no shame.
Some of us have to fake it
just so we can make it.
We hide in our fancy cars… 174 more words