Mira, Mira!

Beautiful wife, two kids, fame, probably wasn’t broke by any means, so the question is obviously why? That question we all seek an answer to at some point in our lives, the problem is this. 251 more words

Gotta Work With What You Gave Me!

And I’ve decided what I’ve got is a whole hell of a lot! A close friend just lost his mom at 52, my mother is 63 and the time I wasted now haunts me. 225 more words

Risen from the Dead

Before I start with the actual post:

I do want to mention that I HATE the new – supposedly better – look of wordpress. It might not be new to you but I post rather seldomly and thus hope that the changes will get overhauled pretty fast. 1,034 more words


It's What You Won't See Coming!

The car wreck that takes someone you love, the person you overlooked who fought for you. The Christmas you missed thinking that you had time, until time ran out on some of those people you wanted to be there. 177 more words

You Only Get One Shot At This!

I could be all wrong, there could be no God, I’ve been wrong a few times before!!! It could be a dirt nap and you’re done like one of my closest friends six year old daughter. 409 more words

An Apology Won't Cure

A continual ofense, at some point you must do it differently to gain back trust that you’ve lost! You must actually care as much as you say you do, you have to realize the sacrifices made on the other side. 224 more words