When You Quit Giving A Shit About The Why!

It gets a whole hell of a lot easier, I promise you my friends! It’s amazing who you thought would be there and who ends up being there in the end! 190 more words

I'd Have A Hard Time Looking At Me Too!

i gave up, I quit because it was easier and while I may have hidden it well, when I look into my dogs eyes and the mirror, I realize I didn’t fool everybody! 195 more words

Well We Know Who She'll Be Thinking About When She Pulls Out Her Dildo Tonight!

Made you look, and while I know that is what the girl from my past is doing right now thinking about me because she saw me today, live it. 265 more words

One Mindset From Here On Out!

To win, I am I’m it, i ┬áin it deep, but what I did is a minor thing compared to what I have to do. What I have to do is simple really, I have to beat myself, oh this should be fun, yeah I bet this one turns out to be a gem! 162 more words

It's About To Go Zero To One-Hundred!

And not real quick like Drake said, even quicker than that! Faster than a speeding bullet and all that other nonsense too, shits about to get real and how you deal with this shit in the moment will define the rest of your life. 207 more words


When it cleared all that was left was the mirrors and my reflection staring back at me! Turns out the only fool I fooled was myself! 227 more words

Historic Moment: Loretta Lynch Confirmed As First African American Female Attorney General

It’s finally over! After five months of debating, the Senate finally voted 56-43 confirming Loretta Lynch as the first African-American female attorney general for the United States of America. 102 more words