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(Poem) Homo Sapiens by Janine Canan

Whatever I said that was bitter and burning

was not bitter or burning enough to describe

what we have been put through—

Earth, our Mother, and her children. 172 more words


Hold Them Dear Mother

Hold them dear Mother,

Our children now lost.

Give them your blessings,

Whatever the cost.

Bless their gentle smiles,

And bless all their tears.

Hold them forever,

In love without fear.

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Essence of the Earth

Our Lady who is the Essence of the Earth,

We have called You by many names.*

Return now unto Your People,

Speak Your Will, and it shall be done, 66 more words

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I Ask This Day

Dearest Lady,

I ask this day for Your Strength

I ask this day for Your Wisdom

I ask this day for Your Light

I ask this not for me but for all… 19 more words

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God - he, she or what?

So according to the news here in the UK there are those who want to call God, ‘ she ‘ (telegraph.co.uk). And so they want to remove the male references to God and retranslate the scriptures and liturgy to give God a more feminine feel. 149 more words


Blessed Be Thy Names

Great Mother who is all around us,

Blessed Be Thy names.

Thy paradise has come,

Thy will be done,

As above, so it is below. 49 more words

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I Trust in Our Lady

I trust in Our Lady

  1. I) I will trust in Our Lady; because of the sweetness of the mercy of Her name.

2) Her eyes look upon the poor: and Her hands are stretched out to the orphan and the widow. 57 more words

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