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All Saints and Souls

In honor of those who are truly “Hallowed” (holy) in Heaven or purgatory. Let the masses all over the world be dedicated to your souls. 147 more words


Our Ladys Blessings

Our Lady has blessings stored up for those that honor Her.

We’ve got to believe that something big is in our future.

We’ve got to declare Her promises over our life… 12 more words

Sisters Of The Rose

An Apple for the Lady

An Apple for the Lady

In spring, we laid a blossom at your feet,

The lovely May, O dearest Lady. Now

We offer you October, ripe and sweet, 92 more words

Sisters Of The Rose

Lady of the Night

Dearest Mother, Lady of the Night

I call upon you to put things right.

Transform the negative thought, fear and pain

And help my life be whole again.

Sisters Of The Rose

Love is the Key

Compassion’s comes from within a honest heart.

From peace, caring and thoughtfulness that never parts.

So hold to the kindness spoken in your words,

Let only respect of your Dear Mother, ever be heard. 18 more words

Sisters Of The Rose

We Are Never Alone

We are never alone when we are filled with the grace of Our Mother.

Sisters Of The Rose

Inspired By The Sky Above

Blessed are You, Our Lady,

Creatress of the Universe,

who made the sky above to inspire all who gaze upon Your glory.

As You grow to fullness, so shall we become reflections of Your light and love. 15 more words

Sisters Of The Rose