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The Farm

Life is full of wonders. I have lived here for four or five years now and I never knew there was a farm smack dab in the middle of our neighborhood. 121 more words


forget borrowing a cup of sugar. take an entire chicken and it's unhatched babies.

Our neighbours are really great.  They invite us for coffee maybe once a week.  We always go, sit by their constantly roaring fire, and drink too-strong-for-4-pm cups of coffee. 465 more words

This Is Normal Right?

Party Animal

The Super Bowl party was loads of fun, but I woke up with a my grain this morning.  I let Röbert get the kids off to school and I think he dropped Hummus at my mother’s house.   346 more words


Super Bowl = Super Fun

Well, I am very excited about the super bowl thing this evening.  For the first time in quite some time we are hosting the party here!   256 more words


What I think of the Real Estate Market in East Atlanta

As my dad so elegantly puts it,

“Don’t tell me what ‘the market’ says. I tell you what the price is.”

And also

“Buying a house is easy.

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Attempt #2 at selling our house: a little bit more reality

I made this beautiful flyer to sell our house. I thought we might try to sell by owner, but we found an agent with a marketing plan that I hope will accomplish all our goals. 208 more words