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Me Likey the Laiki

Once a week vendors from all around gather to sell their wares at the neighborhood laiki, sort of a Greek version of the American farmer’s market. 482 more words

Greek Donuts and Glorious Shopping

We have a tradition in our household, donuts every Sunday morning. I wasn’t sure if we’d find a way to recreate it here, but with a little ingenuity, we managed. 550 more words

Time to rethink grocery shopping

I know, I know, enough about shopping! But I’m afraid it will be a preoccupation until I can finally get it sorted out. I still have yet to actually cook a meal in this house, and I know if we keep ordering take-out, we’ll quickly whittle away any extra savings we’re getting from no rent, utilities or car payments. 390 more words

Turns out I’ve been exploring in all the wrong places. Halandri isn’t narrow, winding, one-way streets with crumbling sidewalks and random businesses stuck willy-nilly amongst run-down homes. 174 more words

Yoga Studio Found!

God bless the internet. Without it, I’d never have been able to navigate the maze of my new neighborhood to find this gem.

It’s randomly in what looks like a residential neighborhood. 420 more words

Exploring with Vi

I feel like my year as a Brooklynite back in ’05 prepared me for overseas living. So much about life without a car is coming back to me. 975 more words


As you all know, last weekend the East Coast got pummeled by Winter Storm Jonas (aptly dubbed #Snowzilla). The snow started Friday afternoon and kept falling through Saturday night. 247 more words

Our Neighborhood