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[NTYNC] Chương 18

Chap 18 ☆, Thiếu chút nữa 

Lặng tìm chút nắng chốn ngày đông lạnh giá….

Kì thực Kim Dục Minh đang rất phiền não

Cậu vẫn luôn coi Từ Y Y là người quan trọng nhất của mình. 3,400 more words

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[NTYNC] Chương 17

Chap 17 ☆, quên mất

That’s how you show that you love him~

“Tình yêu đích thực vô địch! Nhanh tỉnh lại đi, King thân ái~” 3,064 more words

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Robin Egg Blue Beachy File Cabinet

Good morning! Ready for another hot summer week? That’s all we have been having for several weeks now. Over 100 degrees every day. I think there are a few 90 degree days thrown in, just so we survive. 300 more words

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I Moved....................Again

I know what you are thinking.  I have moved, yet again.  There was a lot of things that caused me having to move.

But I digress.   372 more words

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Mystic Messenger Opening Vietsub

Mystic Messenger Opening English Cover


This is a late birthday present, but I keep my promise this time, hope you will like it. 1,309 more words

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