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Green Awards Program Update: Ready for Implementation

Since the last time that we posted an update, we have finished preparing much of the material needed to launch the yearly Green Awards Program. 727 more words

Our Projects

Target Marketing Using GIS


“A target market is, at its most basic, simply the market or submarket – such as a segment at which the firm aims its marketing message” (Cahill, 1997). 1,298 more words

Our Projects

Heritage Trees and Maps for the People

This quarter is drawing to a close and the Open Space and Land Use team’s project is nearly complete. We have completed the interactive map showing heritage trees and historic tree groves in Claremont. 689 more words


Sustainable Landscape and Energy Retrofit Demonstration Project: Almost done! Update &big Lesson Learned!

Two weeks left! It has been exciting seeing our project coming together! After working closely with our partners throughout last quarter (431), developing a relationship to maintain good communication this quarter has been difficult. 741 more words

Our Projects

Home Stretch: Conservation Program Update

Conservation Program Update

There are two weeks left in the quarter, the team has developed a rough draft of the final booklet, due at the end of the quarter. 438 more words

Our Projects

Project: Plastic bottle rainwater down pipe with filter

An ideal time of year to resurrect one our older projects!

Plastic bottle rainwater down pipe with filter

What you need:

5 (or more if you need it longer!) plastic bottles… 33 more words

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Chia Plants in the UK

In the US, Chia may be more familiar as part of the Chia Pets novelty figures.  Here in the UK it seem to be lesser known in plant form, though more commonly purchased in seed form as these omega-3 fatty acid-rich seeds are often used in smoothies, on cereal or in bread. 161 more words

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