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99 Cent Store St. Patrick's Day

Hello everyone!  I hope you all enjoyed our Facebook Live last Friday!  If you missed it, you can check it out on Hometalk’s Facebook!

Also, I know what you are thinking.   304 more words

Our Projects

February 19, 2017 Meeting

We had a lovely small meeting with Phyllis, Marcia, Sandy, Lotus and Sharolene. Sandy tried the new method of heating up our indigo bath with an aquarium heater and pump, however it didn’t heat up the water fast enough for our purposes. 178 more words

Our Projects

Little Vintage Jewelry Box

Good morning! Are you enjoying a 3 day weekend or are you working today? We have President’s Day today to celebrate President Washington and Lincoln’s birthday. 427 more words

Our Projects


In the past few weeks FLMCC has been able to help several families with children in South Dakota to obtain a supply of propane or prevent their electricity from being shut off during some of the coldest days so far this year with sub-zero temperatures compounded by vicious wind chill factors. 180 more words

Scrabble Tile Spring Sign

Good morning! We are having some beautiful weather today, at least until the next rain storm comes in. But that’s okay, we need it! Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? 317 more words

Our Projects

Building a Hutch

I got up about 10 finally after laying there for awhile after the kids woke me up, I made sure they had eaten, the dogs were taken out, kitchen cleaned up and all that then went outside to start on the cage. 1,197 more words

A Night at Home Depot

Last nights post that didn’t get posted I just found.

I took the kids to school hung out there until about 12 and then picked my friend up. 1,937 more words