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"It’s teaching so much more," Oklahoma high school, college students team up to create music

OKLAHOMA CITY – Class is in session and things are about to get loud.

Music students from Southeast High School in Oklahoma City aren’t about to cram for their studies. 280 more words


Oklahoma students praised for supporting substitute teacher battling terminal cancer

EDMOND, Okla. – Students at Heartland Middle School have been busy!

Their new school is full of hard-working and caring kids.

The pep rally inside the gym at Heartland Middle School is firing up the student body. 278 more words


Waiting until the last minute to do taxes? Some Oklahoma high school teens might be able to help

OKLAHOMA CITY–As tax day approaches many are waiting to do those income tax returns.

Some students at John Marshall High School could step in to help! 304 more words

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Program at Oklahoma City school allows students to help you prepare income tax forms

OKLAHOMA CITY – This is a taxing time of year for some students at John Marshall High School.

Students at the school are staying after class to help prepare income tax forms for Oklahomans. 303 more words


Oklahoma students programming their future with robotics

MOORE, Okla. – Our world is changing fast with advances in technology and robots are a big part of that change

From building the cars we drive to helping police, robots make our lives easier. 293 more words


Oklahoma elementary school spotlighted for teaching technology

OKLAHOMA CITY–Technology is part of daily life.

Who doesn’t have a cellphone or computer?

Who creates the apps, programs or the next big technology breakthrough? 312 more words


'He's definitely the biggest fan,' A special surprise for a member of an Oklahoma basketball team

MOORE, Okla.– Winning and losing is a part of sports and life.

Robby Holley is is a student at Central Junior High School in Moore. 375 more words