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Remembering all the smiles you bring.

Remembering all the songs we sing.

Remembering our love that wouldn’t go away.

Remembering people who wouldn’t stay.

Remembering the touches, and oh, the caresses. 82 more words


How Do You Eat an Elephant?

If there is one thing that I’ve learned about my health over they years, it’s that restoring your health isn’t an over night process.  There is no magic pill that will fix it, no “one-size-fits-all” answer… 961 more words

Our Struggles

Just Breathe

We might take for granted that we breathe.  It’s something we don’t think about often, until our passage ways, by which we take in oxygen, are blocked.   910 more words

Healthy For Him

Why I Eat Meat

Yes.  I’ve read the China Study.

…and then I read the book “WHOLE”

I read “The Body Ecology Diet”…  and I’ve studied the… 502 more words

Celiac/Gluten Sensitivity

Adrenal FAIL!

Oh the ways our body likes to remind us just who is in charge.

I’m back from vacation, and feeling really good over all… but I have to share with you a couple of episodes I had on vacation that were down-right scary. 799 more words

Healthy For Him

Do You Wanna ...

If you’ve got a female child in the house, then chances are – you know what the next words are going to be…

build a SNOWWWWWWMAN? 610 more words

Healthy For Him