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Moneyquake and Trumpistan

This past fortnight has been emotionally stressful. It has shaken me to the core and perhaps many more like me not just in India or America but in many parts of the world! 1,439 more words

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Voice of Reason- II

Totalitarianism is dead. Its champions like Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Gaddaffi, Suharto are not just dead but passé. We have no place for it and any reference to its proponents past or present like Kim Jong-un is detested by the modern world. 1,448 more words

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Voice of Reason- I

What are the traits of a totalitarian regime? How does it take shape not just in banana republics but also in countries with matured methods of governance? 1,160 more words

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Black 'n' beautiful

“Eh Buddhe (Oh old man)”, I looked around and thought that there could have been a few others and kept walking.

“O mote (Oh fatso)”, I slowed down and yet continued walking but with a little doubt that perhaps I may just have been the target of their adoration. 1,105 more words

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Bengaluru return to normal!

It is mid-afternoon and the work is progressing smoothly in Bengaluru at the start of a new week which brings fresh challenges.

Then the news comes of the Supreme Court judgement and the activists take over. 909 more words

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Hate is religion

For years I wanted to know why I would feel uncomfortable in front of overtly religious people especially the ones whose tongues would never stop wagging about how deeply religious they were. 1,006 more words

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Getting a Digital Marriage Certificate in India

It’s happening in New Delhi, and maybe soon, other parts of India will follow suit. Digital marriage certificates are being issued. A digital marriage certificate has an abundance of benefits… Except if you are not an Indian citizen and your spouse is. 418 more words

Intercultural Relationship