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Kathua's shame

(The above photograph is of the mastermind of the Kathua crime, Sanji Ram and some of his cronies who committed the rape and murder of the girl child) 1,617 more words

Our Struggles!

Finding him saved me from myself

Im so glad that I messaged this amazing man the night I did. I had been in the middle of a suicidal relapse into IV meth use. 234 more words

Our Struggles

Beyond race and color

‘Dad so what position should I stand for- President, Vice President or the Secretary?’ My son asked after returning from his middle school (Grades 6th-8th) in Tenafly, New Jersey, USA after an exciting day at school where the elections to the new council were announced. 874 more words

Our Struggles!

Trudeau's humility, India's loss!

If I was Justin Trudeau, I would not forgive Indian politicians and media for a long time. Perhaps he will but as a Canadian with Indian roots, I definitely will not. 1,241 more words

Our Struggles!

Being human

When you climb the stairs and stand on a pedestal, it becomes easy to look down upon others.

For you it is a natural progression. Your new rightful place from where everyone else may look smaller and definitely ‘below’ you. 1,307 more words

Our Struggles!

India-A disturbed land

In the final part of ‘Cord-Cutting’ I now discuss why an Indian born emigrant would prefer not to return to India apart from personal or professional reasons (which have been already discussed in the previous two articles on the subject). 1,579 more words

Our Struggles!

The Indian Professional

The Indian Professional ( Cord-Cutting- II)

In this world where cord-cutting is in vogue, I finally embraced it to cut the cord which had tied me to India despite emigrating almost a decade back. 2,584 more words

Our Struggles!