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'His Dark Materials' Heading to HBO

Directly after last night’s finale to Game of Thrones HBO decided to treat us with the trailer for its upcoming fantasy series, His Dark Materials… 242 more words

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'Game of Thrones' Finale: Did it Deliver?

We made it folks! After eight seasons and nine years we have finally arrived at the highly anticipated Game of Thrones finale. What are the thoughts? 1,369 more words

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Rebirth of the 'Percy Jackson' Series?

As we all know, just a couple months ago Disney absorbed 20th Century Fox leading to the return of the X-Men and Fantastic Four to Marvel Studios. 387 more words

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Robert Pattinson is Batman

Look, it’s fine. It’s Fine!

Did all my God given senses erupt unanimously in a vibration of ‘NO!’? Damn sure did.

Then, I let it register and remembered we’ve done this too many F$#^$# times and we got to learn eventually. 147 more words

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Hawkman and Hawkgirl Set to Appear in 'WW84'?

This is breaking news! At least, I think it is? Anyway, as I was randomly looking for upcoming movies and television shows to keep an eye on, I randomly stumbled upon something interesting in the cast page for… 362 more words

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Captain Marvel and the Haterade

It seems that no matter what day of the week it is you can always count on the internet for a dose of troll hate forĀ  Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel. 809 more words

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Does the MCU Need the Multiverse to Bring the Mutants?

For those that have seen the most recent trailer for Spiderman: Far From Home you may have noticed the mention of one of the most geek fueled terms in all of comics. 1,026 more words

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