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40; quarante

i’m okay now. i wasn’t then, but am now. i posted my words elsewhere and simon saw them and commented. but i didn’t want his attention, because i feel like he doesn’t love me. 804 more words

33; trent-trois

i didn’t appreciate how funny OHSHC was before. maybe my sense of humor has changed, as well.

oh my god XD

i’m going to kill myself. 3,775 more words

21; vingt et un

it’s funny how i enjoy writing and such… less, i believe… than science. than things with formulas. well, i guess i enjoy a lot of different things, and for sure i enjoy them all differently. 1,758 more words

18; dix-huit

he’s so cute. he’s like a little doll. the passion he displayed is embarrassing to me. too emotional. would i ever act that emotional in front of someone like simon? 1,269 more words

Anime Review: Ouran High School Host Club.

28 December 2015; 7:26 pm

Anime. The word that gets some people excited and happy, and others mad and disgusted. Now is not the time to directly notice the haters of a popular form of entertainment, now is the time to review a popular anime, … 515 more words


Top 10 Animes That Need Another Season


So Black Butler was given 3 seasons due to its popularity yet season 1 ended PERFECTLY and season 2 just wasn’t needed and season 3 came by to make up for season 2’s train-wreck ending. 1,289 more words


August Favourites

Hey Guys

Its AGirlNamedEgypt and its Officialy Spring 🌸🌹🌺🌻🌼🌈🌷🌞 ( One of my favourite Seasons ), Spring is so beautiful, Everything is Blooming and Alive and it’s not too Hot and Not Too Cold ( But knowing NZ it will probably be the opposite πŸ˜’ ). 728 more words

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