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You Mean You Haven't Watched Ouran?

Gather round dear readers as we return to the “You Mean You Haven’t Watched…” series! For today’s exposé I’ll be introducing the anime that gave me the base idea for this topic. 895 more words


30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 13: Anime Character that I'm most similar to

Okay so when I saw this prompt I immediately Googled one of those awesome anime quizzes… and I don’t know whether I should be extremely proud of the results or laugh at how ridiculous the whole thing was. 566 more words


Ouran Highschool Host Club Series Review


Haruhi Fujioka is a scholarship student at a school for the super elite and while looking for a quiet place to study stumbles upon the host club. 1,095 more words



A while back I took part in putting music to an old poem that my grandmothers mother, Vivi Johansson, wrote back in 1952 about one of the most beautiful places in the Finnish archipelago that I personally have a lot of fond memories of. 37 more words

Music Production

Things I learnt from Ouran and LOVE!: something a good parody needs

It’s not easy to parody genre clichés. People use clichés because they work. To create something to make fun of clichés requires an intimate knowledge of the genre and a creative mind, while at the same time weaving this ‘take that’s into an enjoyable story. 364 more words

Things I Learnt From Fiction