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Things I learnt from Ouran and LOVE!: something a good parody needs

It’s not easy to parody genre clichés. People use clichés because they work. To create something to make fun of clichés requires an intimate knowledge of the genre and a creative mind, while at the same time weaving this ‘take that’s into an enjoyable story. 364 more words


Ouran Highschool Host Club Manga Series Review Thing

Hello people it’s meowth900 here. I’m finally free from the shackles of college at least until the fall semester. Yay! Maybe I’ll take summer classes but with college it’s always like I have to make split decisions immediately when stuff comes up. 2,116 more words


Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran was one of the first anime I’ve watched. I was only going to review more recent anime I’ve seen, but a post asking me about my first anime made me remember it. 342 more words

Whooooo's in the mood for shojo fanfiction?

I wrote  a new Ouran High School Host Club fanfic, the first part of which is now up on both fanfiction.net and deviantart. Check it out in the link below! 26 more words