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Floating Among Object Oriented Ontology and Moral Relativism is Nihilistic Biology

The ouroboros, a snake engulfing its own tale, is symbol of the universe and of the universal manner: We are the cause, the process, and the end. 262 more words

The Everyday

Tree traversal magic

This is an artificial creature which destroys a tree only to make it back as it was. Random graph rewrites algoritm!

The creature is, of course, a walker, or ouroboros, … 22 more words

Entre Líneas - C'est fini

-sabes, creó que ya me arrepentí… Vamos por un moyo.
Nos fuimos caminando, mientras mi amigo me mira sonriente.
-Me siento bien – le digo sin mirarlo. 167 more words


FREAKS -- Installment #11

“Yes, quite curious. Why, this is utterly fascinating. I’ll have to set up some extra runtimes on the main computer bank to extrapolate this data immediately.” Pioneer wobbled and bobbed about as he continued to do some scans. 3,457 more words


Teen Wolf S05E08 Recap: Ouroboros

With “Ouroboros,” we’re just starting to put together some of the pieces of Teen Wolf’s Season 5 mystery. It’s a slow process that leaves us scared and confused, like the chimera creations of the Dread Doctors. 2,888 more words

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#TVTalk - Teen Wolf S5 Ep8

Oh yes! It’s that time of week where we look at all of the goings on in Beacon Hills, and boy is it getting interesting! It’s almost the end of season 5a and the Dread Doctors are still causing trouble, we have a new couple on the show and we finally got to see one of the most elusive characters of the show. 605 more words