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I dressed in barely opaque

Shed my old scales

Belted my waist with a tail-biting snake

Slipped on my silvery mail

I took a sliver of poisoned fruit… 47 more words


Merlin's Ouroboros Ring

The Ouroboros has been important
in religious and mythological imagery,
used in alchemical illustrations,
where it symbolizes the circular nature of their work.

The Ouroboros… 170 more words


How do we know what the truth is?

The answer is, it only ever comes from within. It is not obtained from so called ‘holy’ books, which are mostly written by men with specific agendas. 970 more words


The Real Enemy Destroyed: Campaign Final (Game 18)

Constantine and Walter chose to stay on Ouroboros while the rest of the crew returned to their ship, to find that almost two months had passed, and that the ship had already left once before, going to the Grand City and returning. 603 more words

Game Sessions

FREAKS -- Installment #14

Felix pounded away at the punching bag while Jasper sparred with Mrs. Jacobs on the mats. Jasper dodged and ducked more than half of her blows, and deflected many more. 2,819 more words


The Feast of Mind Flayers, part 2: Game 16

The next morning, Constantine and Walter awoke with strange, low-level sunburns, but with little else that might have bespoken the night before. Nyx, now a living sprite, had spent the night using Griffon to take advantage of her living form. 419 more words

Game Sessions

The Feast of Mind Flayers, part 1: Game 15

The adventurers returned to the ship for 7 days of resting, training, and preparation for going to Ouroboros. The seven days allowed them to take stock of the drow that they had brought aboard, healing their diseases and making sure they would survive a long voyage. 322 more words

Game Sessions