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Ouroboros Episode 3 Recap - How Many Killers are Running About Tokyo?

Episode 3 continues to dole out the awesome bromance as well as a hefty dose of detective work as our double dragons delve deeper into the mystery of who killed their Sensai.  1,954 more words

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Fixing double clicking issue on Razer Ouroboros wireless gaming mouse

If you own a Razer Ouroboros, or any of Razer gaming mouse for that matter, chances are you are facing the same problem as me. Your mouse buttons are… 139 more words

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New Band of the Week: Hieroglyph

The perfect tonic for any Sunday evening woes is the unique sound of female-fronted technical, progressive metal band Hieroglyph.

The six-piece, who hail from Newcastle and Leeds and are now based in London, have fused a style that mixes all manner of musical genres and features, from huge riffs, wild guitar solos and power choruses to mathcore, slow grooves and synth bursts. 868 more words


The Ouroboros of Envy

This article is instructive. In it, Buzzfeed demonstrates that liberalism is a creed for the perpetually envious.

Here, we see that liberals cannot be happy at someone else’s success. 181 more words

S.7 E.9 Ouroboros

For Whom the Bell Tolls

I’ve been giving this show a whole lotta shit, and for good reason. It’s been the same cycle of worn and tired tropes that worked so well in the past, but after the 50th time using it, come on. 860 more words


Ouroboros - Chapter 9: The Endless Serpent's Tail

“Looks like it’s not there. I guess I threw it out,” she said, opening up the VHS player to show that it was empty. “You, throwing something out? 2,031 more words

Ouroboros Episode 2 - The Wrong Path Taken

We had great progress this episode as we watched our two dragons fight against society’s concepts of forgiveness and what it means to stay on the right path.  2,207 more words