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The Village that Eats its Own Tail

May 20

Eguisheim is the village that eats its own tail, the Ouroboros, the alchemist’s emblem, the ring on my index finger. Fashioned from two concentric circles, Eguisheim is a memory of infinity mortared to last forever and a day. 214 more words

Click festival 2017


Ouroboros Ali Hussaini (US/UK) and Keir Vine (UK)
Ouroboros is a 3D visual collage of vibrating mandalas, exploding galaxies, astronauts and corporate logos, among much more, on six screens, all in the service of reconnecting consciousness and the cosmos. 36 more words


Oh, the Irony

I’ve immersed myself lately in reading about the decline or end of capitalism as background for the first essay in An Ouroboros: Art, Money, and Entrepreneurial Action… 104 more words

Arts Infrastructure

Armageddon - 4.11

The students broke apart explosively as the water kicked up under the impact of a creature with too many limbs to count. Some immediately ran off into the forest. 2,031 more words

The Oldest Ouroboros Depiction

The image of Ouroboros, the serpent that bites its own tail, is well known in hermetic literature and especially in alchemy. It is generally used to express the idea of renewal, death and rebirth, and the process of cycles in nature. 48 more words

Ancient Civilizations

Roshanak is her name, meaning in Persian one who is a luminous beauty, a shining star or light. Fitting in all ways, do not be deceived by her outer garb, that would be foolish and ultimately defeating.

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An Unorthodox Ouroboros

A contrarian ouroboros named Tye
Lacking the disposition to die
Opted instead
Rather than to eat ’round to his own head
To start on the tail of some other guy. 27 more words