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Friday Finds - October 2016

This month, in a change from the usual format, I’m looking at ouroboros items. All can be found on Etsy. Click on the link below the picture to be taken to the product page. 73 more words


Valanx - Ouroboros

Dark ambient is so unique, so distinct from any other form of music. It’s why I love it. It’s strange and unsettlingly different but at the same time it’s amazingly complex, original, and awe inspiring. 631 more words


Top Tracks: Hieroglyph - Starlight (The High Priestess)

If you had to assign the term “awe-inspiring” to a certain genre it would fit very well with the world of progressive metal. With a plethora of virtuoso musicians and grand ideas it operates on a level few other bands can match. 124 more words


Excerpts from Ouroboros; a visit from Ray LaMontagne

On August 14, Ray LaMontagne with friends My Morning Jacket came to St. Augustine in support of the Ouroboros album. It was tough to shoot at 28mm, but really can’t complain since my goal was to enjoy the show. 14 more words

Photo Of The Day

Social Medea: Peter Stein's 2005 production

{{Have your fortune foretold}}

The cute version of Ouroboros. https://t.co/rBEMRgHhDQ

— GB Gabbler (@CircoFootnotes) October 8, 2016

Everyone deserves anonymity, our last freedom. Happy just to read the books.

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Social Medea

Kundali and Kundalini!

Today a friend started discussing in words what I had perceived a while ago-that there should be some relation between terms Kundali and Kundalini because they sound so similar. 639 more words


City Intersection, Chapter Five - Four Dollars

Woo boy. Things are starting to get rather interesting in the town of Desmond, MA, aren’t they?

I’m having a lot of fun writing this. Maybe a little too much fun. 2,174 more words