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Release3 - Week 1

OTE has been sponsoring a child of our own through Compassion International for about ten months now & during the month of October we are inviting members of our church family to sponsor a child themselves! 445 more words


Photo Update & Message from Ousmané - Sept. 2014

We just received a photo update of Ousmané and a letter from him!

Make sureyou’re in youth group this Wednesday Oct. 1 to receive a copy of his updated photo and read his letter to us!


God's Bits of Wood by Sembene Ousmane

This book would be astounding had I not been familiar with African oppression based literature. And in that I must say is my complaint about the book itself, all of this literature is the same. 397 more words

PCP's Weekly Dose: The Dark Knight Rises Review


The Dark Knight Rises came out. We all went to see it. We tried to avoid spoilers, but they came up anyway (you’ve been warned). 25 more words


PCP Overdose: Spare Parts


In lieu of a proper Weekly Dose, we’ve pulled out this gem that we’ve been saving for a rainy day. What’s it about? Well, basically we take time stroll down memory lane and recount our most infamous injuries. 15 more words


Perfect Day in Dakar

I think that this afternoon might have been the most enjoyable one that I have had since coming to Dakar.

It started after school–I walked with some friends to a nail shop that a few other girls in the program have visited. 593 more words


[D+97] – “Chez Tonton Mack” – Part 2 : Beach and Fire

This place was really marvelous. I felt something I believe I had never felt that much strongly. Being almost alone and contemplating the exotic landscapes and seascape that Nature was offering us was mesmerizing, as if I was living ten thousand years ago. 561 more words