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The Kipling Gardens in all their glory







Rottingdean Preservation Society have published a colourful guide to the Kipling Gardens. This useful reference pamphlet, written by Evan Murphie the head gardener, and Valerie Whittle of RPS is full of interesting information about the Gardens. 71 more words

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The Looking Glass House, City Books and Happiness!

I am really looking forward to curling up and reading  ‘The Looking Glass House’ by Vanessa Tait who is the only great granddaughter of Alice Liddell. 435 more words

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Charleston - the garden in the sun

A friend invited me to Charleston, driving me there too, what a treat. I knew she had only been able to get one ticket for Case Histories with Jeremy Hutchinson and, according to her, his life, knowledge, wit and wisdom stole the show. 269 more words

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Yellow forsythia, pink cherry blossom


rejoice with white camelias
Spring warms our wintered souls.

Too soon the cherry blossom falls
relinquishing it’s tenuous hold on life.

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Growing our own again.

Made a quick visit to the allotment for the second time this spring. Joy upon joy sunny and the garlic and broad beans planted in the autumn showing signs of life. 147 more words

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Troubadour Poetry Coffee House Celebrates Yellow.

I have been going up to Troubadour for over two years.  What a discovery it has been. Where else can one have access to the amazing range of poets that Anne-Marie Fyfe, who is a well established poet in her own right, attracts to her Coffee House Poetry nights. 394 more words

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