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The Undercliff Walk



When I am bereft of words the natural world then fills the gap.


The last of the summer ...






in Brighton, Hove. Rottingdean, Saltdean and on the wonderful Weald Allotment …

Brighton - Out And About

Even the scarecrows refuse to come out...

after all where are the rows of tender crops? Sadly eaten by slugs, and our
 scarecrows are far too pretty to frighten even the lowliest snail anyway. 334 more words

Brighton - Out And About

Always a pecking order...






Brighton - Out And About

Down to earth on the allotment.

Onions, strawberries, raspberries, cherries and borage. To me the whole thing is like a painting, so many greens, a few yellows, pinks and a whole range of reds. 193 more words

Brighton - Out And About

One lovely day restores one's spirits

An award winning blog  for a ‘blog that brightens our day’                          

and one’s faith in human nature.

Discovered these lovely people who clear the bits of rubbish from the beach on a regular basis. 76 more words

Brighton - Out And About