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Oak Meadow in Winter

This was a quiet, crisp winter morning, with fluffy white clouds floating across the sky. The beautiful reflections of the oak trees in the flooded meadows made me want to sit and meditate. 20 more words


Weekly Photography Challenge: Reward

I took this photograph of my cutie checking out this daffodil she planted last fall. This was a part of a school wide garden project that has rewarded the kids and parents by blooming already. 78 more words



…what am I supposed to do with these two hooligans?

The Hubster and Miss Kitty certainly have quite the affinity for one another; like the little sister George never had, and the big brother Kitty never wanted (haha), these two get along like graham crackers and chocolate…which I suppose makes me the marshmallow that glues everything together. 342 more words


Crossing into Madhya Pradesh. The trip from Nashik to Maheshwar.

After an early start from Nashik, we easily exited the city on to the MH3 highway and cruised north-eastwards along smooth asphalt. The kilometers ticked away and before we knew it, we had crossed over from Maharashtra into Madhya Pradesh. 137 more words

The Journey

A Bit Of Columbian

I was down at Swansea Print Workshop earlier and took some time to scribble the lovely old Columbian printing press. Dating from quite early in Queen Victoria’s reign (1855) this beauty is still in use, even though it’s a little bit wobbly and idiosyncratic. 100 more words


Getting Junk & Disorderly

“Time is nature’s way of keeping everything from happening at once” – Woody Allen

There are usually three kinds of people in the world: those who adore junk shops, those who are indifferent and those who shiver at the thought of one. 740 more words


Travel Fears

1. The airline / travel company will lose my booking so that I go to check in on-line and I have no seat.

2. I will arrive at the airport and the flight will be cancelled. 473 more words