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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

“Spring Drops”

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge:   Fresh


SLOB: Ole Miss Triple Action

#5 sets a down screen for #1
#3 inbounds the ball to #1
#4, #2, and #5 set a triple staggered screen for the inbounder, #3


In Mongolia, found another lama who smolders and does not rot !

As befits incorruptible Lama - bicentennial man sitting in the lotus position. Apparently, the man had once belonged to the Buddhist monks. As already mentioned, the old monk is quite well preserved, his legs look like living, though he is about 200 years old. 350 more words

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How gravity could explain why the time is just ahead?

We can not stop time. Even in a traffic jam when the time seems freezes and stops. Saving light in the daytime too fails, the time inevitably tends to come. 1,021 more words

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Yellowstone supervolcano explodes from day to day - approaching Apocalypse !

Such catastrophic for mankind conclusion reached by volcanologist Hank Hessler studying Yellowstone volcano since 2002. The scientist believes that the eruption may begin within the next couple of weeks. 272 more words

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Puzzles harder than the Egyptian pyramids !

In the world there are many mysteries which are unique and unexplained its origin can surpass even the famous Egyptian pyramids. Another thing is that the world knows about them much less, if at all does not know, at least, this statement is quite true to the average Russian. 217 more words

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Who can benefit from the existence of free energy suppressions?

Nikola Tesla was not the first, nor the last remaining … Today’s “Timeless” was released for the first time on 30 October 2013.

Who can benefit from the results of research behind the silence? 884 more words

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