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Throwback Thursday

“Such a frost
The flimsy moon
Has lost her wits.”
~Ted Hughes, from “The Warm and the Cold


Photography Comedy (Or How the Metric System Screwed Me Over)

This one made me laugh pretty hard when I realized what happened.

So today I took my camera out after work and decided to try out the zone focusing technique I had read about. 298 more words


View of the Empire State Building at Night ( And on Right Brain Atrophy)

Another out of focus image that I decided to upload because I liked the feeling I got from it despite my slightly obsessive personality screaming from the depths of my soul that it’s all too blurry. 138 more words


And all the lights that lead us there

… are blinding

It’s out of focus because walking around with tripods on dates isn’t really romantic but I still like the mood this picture evokes.

1/15s at f/4.0

ISO 6400


Red onion skin paper A-Type, tracing paper

2 weeks up on the roof during cloudy spells and drizzly conditions. Amazed to see such a rich colour but the lack of focus was to be expected because of the tracing paper positive buckling away from the substrate.

Paper Anthotypes