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Exhibit 25

I seem to remember this was taken in a hurry as the friends I was with were getting fed up of waiting for me – unfortunately it’s either out of focus or there is camera shake but despite this or perhaps because of this I still like this image as it has a presence.


Wherever It Is

I crossed it.

I stumbled up or down.

I walked, ran,  or crawled the length of it.

To get wherever it is I’m going.

Life Chatter

Life Gets Fuzzy Sometimes

Life gets fuzzy sometimes. It happens when lose focus and turn our attention to things that seem urgent, but in the long run not that important. 380 more words

Out of focus - 11

EDIT : võtsin end kokku ja tegin oma variandi ühest pildist, mis mind kummitama jäi.

I finally pulled myself together and did my version of the picture which haunted me since yesterday. 205 more words

Throwback Thursday

“Such a frost
The flimsy moon
Has lost her wits.”
~Ted Hughes, from “The Warm and the Cold


Photography Comedy (Or How the Metric System Screwed Me Over)

This one made me laugh pretty hard when I realized what happened.

So today I took my camera out after work and decided to try out the zone focusing technique I had read about. 298 more words