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Survey: Hospitals saw 10% increase in self-pay dollars in past 5 years


With the rising popularity of high-deductible health plans, hospital and health system executives know they must find effective ways of communicating with patients about their financial responsibility and develop strategies to ensure proper payment. 52 more words

Would You Like Some Insurance With Your Insurance?

Would You Like Some Insurance With Your Insurance?

Gap plans, used to cover out-of-pocket expenses like high deductibles, are becoming increasingly popular among consumers and businesses. 229 more words

AMA: Insurance megamergers 'threaten healthcare access, quality and affordability'


  • The merger of health insurance giants “would significantly compromise market competition in the health insurance industry and threaten health care access, quality and affordability,” the president of the AMA said as the group released new analyses of the mergers.
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34% of patients would delay care in lieu of loan program, survey finds


As employees shoulder a greater portion of medical costs, finance has become an important factor in patients’ healthcare decisions.

ClearBalance’s healthcare consumerism survey is designed to measure patients’ awareness and perception of healthcare finances. 38 more words

We’re closer to a publicly funded health care system than you think


Every time health care reform comes up for debate, I see people arguing about whether a publicly or privately funded system would be better. The Affordable Care Act, in an attempt to forestall this debate, decided to split the baby, and give half of its newly insured beneficiaries public insurance (Medicaid) and half private insurance (insurance exchanges). 234 more words