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How to Really Stretch Your Healthcare Dollars | Robert Nelson, MD | LinkedIn

There is nothing wrong with a little friendly financial heads-up advice regarding insurance.  But below the surface, what does all this advice say about the inflated costs of the healthcare system in which we are obliged to navigate, specifically the role of “insurance” in driving those costs?

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Implementing a High-deductible Health Plan

USI has helped numerous employers reduce health care premiums between 13-15% through the effective implementation of a high-deductible plan, paired with programs to control employee out-of-pocket expenses. 124 more words

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Out-of-Pockets: What They Really Mean | Robert Nelson, MD | LinkedIn

Some things are so familiar or so close to “us” that we don’t see them for what they really are.  Take the case of the famous vision impaired artist depicted above, Claude Rhinoir. 

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Economic Issues

No money for egg donation

Warning that egg donating could become a “business opportunity,” Singapore’s Bioethics Advisory Committee says women donating eggs for stem cell research should only be compensated for out-of-pocket expenses. 216 more words


How to save general practice - the billion dollar question

Our efforts to protect patients backfired last week. At first glance it looked like the co-payment plan was off the table. The press took the bait and announced that the $7 Medicare co-payment measure introduced in the 2014-15 budget was cancelled. 547 more words


The Dutton promise

The quotes below are taken from a speech by the Hon Peter Dutton MP, addressed to the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners’ Conference in Hobart, 2011. 315 more words