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Out of Pocket Expenses 101: Talking to Your Clients

As a health insurance agent, you are likely faced with one overarching concern every day: how to make insurance less complicated for your clients. There’s no doubt that healthcare coverage is challenging and multi-faceted; consumers likely feel overwhelmed with the laundry list of aspects they need to consider before selecting the coverage that effectively fits their needs and budgets. 690 more words

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The politics of ACA rate hikes will be 2016 in reverse


We are about to see a replay of the 2016 election fight over premium increases, but this time in reverse. Last time, it was the Republicans hammering Democrats for the rate hikes. 427 more words

State Regulation of Coverage Options Outside of the Affordable Care Act: Limiting the Risk to the Individual Market



  • Issue: Certain forms of individual health coverage are not required to comply with the consumer protections of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). These “alternative coverage arrangements” — including transitional policies, short-term plans, health care sharing ministries, and association health plans — tend to have lower upfront costs and offer far fewer benefits than ACA-compliant insurance.
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Drug prices are still skyrocketing


The Trump administration — primarily the president himself — has talked a lot about cracking down on prescription drug prices. But the pharmaceutical industry hasn’t changed its ways since Trump took office: 20 drugs have seen price hikes of 200% or more since January 2017, my colleague Bob Herman  176 more words

White House pitch to bolster Obamacare includes tough trade-offs for Democrats


The White House is seeking a package of conservative policy concessions — some of which are certain to antagonize Democrats — in return for backing a legislative package bolstering Obamacare markets, according to  676 more words