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Out of words.

As the days go by, I begin to realize that I may be the one who can’t commit.

The love, chemistry and intimacy is there but the passion of being together for the rest of our lives is missing. 19 more words



You have no idea

how many times

I’ve erased and rewritten

what I’ve wanted to tell you 84 more words


Go to sleep my little time bomb

I hardly slept cause i don’t know what to do. ..
How do

you pick yourself up from bad news?
How do you go on with your Life?

140 more words



Sometimes, I smiled at myself on how weak I am.

Like this morning.
I woke up, and I saw that she changed her profile picture on a certain messenger. 1,251 more words


The Heart of the Matter

Nothing is scarier for a writer than to feel that they are out of words. It happens to me, alarmingly often, and from what I hear I’m far from the only one. 549 more words


Out of Words

Do you ever feel like you’re all out of words?

That’s me these days and I think it’s for a couple of reasons.

1. I’ve been teaching my son preschool from home and it’s pretty intense as it’s just the two of us so I can never take a break for him and his classmates to discuss. 882 more words

Got Nothing Left

I have been silent for a couple of weeks now.

It’s just I don’t know what to really write about anymore.

I am drained out of things to say. 9 more words