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I have been silent for a couple of weeks now.

It’s just I don’t know what to really write about anymore.

I am drained out of things to say. 9 more words


The Heart of the Matter

Nothing is scarier for a writer than to feel that they are out of words. It happens to me, alarmingly often, and from what I hear I’m far from the only one. 121 more words

Word Alive Press


It’s odd, I normally love to write.

I write an obscene amount. I blog. I write poetry. I write world building tidbits. I write down plot bunnies. 417 more words


Running out of words...

Sometimes… you’re just really out of words to say, no new bright ideas, lost on track, clear and blank. Because even yourself have nothing else to say. 25 more words


Out of Words

Well, for the past few days it has been rush rush and going with the flow. I am trying to focus in on some new things and maintaining the old so the fresh and new from this think tank is a little dry. 272 more words


(Week #7) The Choice of the MOB

“Which Medium gets the most audience share?”

With every minute passing by, you don’t have the assurance that for even just a slight second, the world has stopped moving. 1,478 more words

Hear Jesse McCartney's New Song "Out of Words" [AUDIO]

A few weeks ago a “new” Jesse song called “No Worries” leaked online. Check it out HERE

NOW another song has hit the web and Jesse Tweeted: 61 more words