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get up, get goin'

This January, my goal is to get outside more. I have a love/hate relationship with sleeping in. So this month, I’ve been trying to wake up early and go for runs along the lake. 86 more words

Out There

Travel Destination Video: Dwarf Planet Ceres

There’s a new animation of the dwarf planet Ceres. It was made on the basis of images sent by NASA’s spacecraft Dawn, and resembles a travel destination video. 48 more words


Runner attacked by 2 Great White sharks after run!

Picture the scene; you enjoyed your run, everything felt good, you ran hard but well.  You finished tired, you sweated but you were in the flow. 506 more words

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Run to lose.

Recently I set myself the somewhat daunting challenge of running 40 miles in one week….I lost. i lost by 12 miles, but, in running 28 miles I also lost weight. 264 more words

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The Wheels, part 2

The Wheels, Part 2

The noise they made. It was like a dentist’s drill, sharp and unbearable to have to listen to. The physical strength to push the cart up and down the streets was amazing. 72 more words

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How to Kill Brian, become an addict.

It’s not a typo, I don’t mean brain, I mean Brian.

For those of you who don’t know, Brian, is the name I have given to the fat, lazy, slothful depression beast that lives inside my head.   519 more words

Out There

New Beginnings, and Other Illusions We Hold Dear.

It’s been a long while since I felt the need to blog about my life. Truth be told, I tend to become a bit despondent and quite unsure of my desire and ability to write consistently. 643 more words