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인디겜 Out There Omega Edition

매번 새로 시작해야하고 랜덤 이벤트가 많이 일어나는 로그라이크류 게임이다. 우주선을 타고 목적지까지 가야하는데 특이하게도 전투가 없다. 전투 없이도 상당히 긴장감 있다. 우주선을 타고 이동하기 위해서는 지속적으로 떨어지는 세 가지 수치를 잘 관리해야하는데 수치를 올리는 것은 거의 운에 달렸기 때문이다.


Monday Gone Wrong or Just a Book of Subs

I woke up this morning all shades of blue, never mind that that’s my favourite colour and it’s what I’m wearing at the moment. Music is not helping either as Fisayo has been on the Monday morning flow with his playlist. 807 more words


High-end leather outdoor weather brand Canada Goose has linked up with Million Dollar Baby director Paul Haggis for a short film dubbed Out There. The short celebrates the brand’s famous jacket by documenting its history. 46 more words


Out There Ω Edition Is A Great Reason To Get Back Out There

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Longtime readers may remember that I quite liked Out There, honoring it as one of the two mobile games I’ve covered on this blog so far (the other being… 966 more words

Headcanon: Underground Hydroponics in The Hunger Games World

From time to time, I get sucked into thinking about the pragmatics of fictional worlds. By that I mean all the mundane details of how people lead their everyday lives, starting from the very basic human (or creature) needs like food, clothing, waste management, and social interaction. 434 more words


The Alien Survival guide, part 2

The following pages will be dedicated to specific countries on planet Earth. They are travel advisories that will give more accurate information on where to go, what to do and what to see. 811 more words

Out There

Art for Early Editions of Dune

Have you read Dune? If so, you might enjoy this early art by John Schoenherr:

Apparently, Frank Herbert said Schoenherr (1935-2010) was “the only man who has ever visited Dune.” Schoenherr’s paintings of Herbert’s… 99 more words

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