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Out There Chronicles (Completed)

You may recall that I once reviewed Mi-Clos Studio’s Out There and gave it quite a wrap.  The game had two notable features – it was very hard, and it was very well-written. 1,144 more words


Out There (Completed)

I need a break from Wizardry 8, the game has turned into a very slow grind.  An awful lot like Wizardry VI and VII, now I think about it. 1,543 more words


The Boy Almajiri

Yanju’s day started with his bicycle. He rode it all the way to Ilupeju where his mother owns a small kiosk. He helped her get ready everyday before he goes to school. 1,017 more words

Out There

Option for Breaking out of Eurocentric Worldbuilding Mold: Yareta Plants

Yareta or llareta (Azorella compacta) is a low evergreen that grows in the Andes mountains in Peru, Bolivia, northern Chile, and Argentina.

Looking at the landscape where it’s found, it seems that the yareta latches onto ground or rock and grows up and out into the rounded shape over the years. 136 more words


British Library's Exhibition Harry Potter: A History of Magic Now Online

The British Library has partnered with Google Arts & Culture to bring online their physical exhibition Harry Potter: A History of Magic.

Apart from various aspects of the story and the movie series, the exhibition covers for example illustrations, the history of real-world magic, and early sketches and notes by J.K. 78 more words


Is There Life Out There?

A mystery that has been there since the dawn of time. We constantly look to the stars wondering if there is life out there.

This has been the subject of multiple debates. 750 more words


Belgum Sanitorium: Hidden History in Wildcat Canyon

I’ve spent countless hours in Tilden park, but mostly the parts close to the Berkeley hills. With a recent purchase of a mountain bike, that is changing. 473 more words

Out There