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Out to Eat: The Universal & Dongbei

The Universal

Working at an office building located a bit out of town makes it hard to go out for lunch. So instead of trying to get everyone out of the office for lunch, my work team decided to meet for a breakfast on the town to celebrate a colleague’s birthday. 223 more words


What It’s Like: Bottomless Brunch in Denver

I didn’t really know what brunch was before I moved to Denver. My only experience had been the weekend meal option at the dorms when both eggs and hamburgers were served. 146 more words


October 23rd 2015 (Day – 353)

On the 23rd of October- I just didn’t feel good at all today. All the walking I did yesterday. When, I got up around 6pm and only had like, 4 hour’s. 102 more words


What It's Like: Happy Hour Sushi

Even though a landlocked state, Colorado has a plethora of sushi options. I think part of the credit goes to brothers Toshi and Yasu Kizaki. The brothers, purveyors of Sushi Den among other restaurants, take sushi very seriously using fish flown in from their hometown in Japan. 80 more words


Green Chili

Before moving to Colorado, I had never heard of green chili. In Nebraska, we have chili, the tomato-based soup full of ground beef and beans. In Colorado, we take a cue from the Southwest and put green chili on everything – burgers, fries, burritos, the list goes on. 88 more words


Out to Eat: Funkadelio & Dae Gee


A recent lunch discovery is Funkadelino on Xikang Road. A little sister to YongKang’s Funkadeli, Funkadelino and Funkadeli are casual Italian eateries with a nice selection of sandwiches, pastas and drinks. 182 more words


Weekday Lunch: Wontons & Qdoba


One of my favorite quick lunches or dinner is wontons. They are such a great meal as you can get them in soup or summer style, without the soup and with a peanut butter sesame sauce. 162 more words