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No one likes to be publicly called out when they’ve done something wrong. We humans like to keep our shame to ourselves and out of the limelight. 391 more words


Societal acceptance, smartphones and the fear of missing out

I was at lunch with my colleagues last week and I heard one or two of them say something along the lines of wanting a car that automatically breaks when you are under a certain speed. 594 more words

Society And Social Media

UPDATE: No tggTalks this week

Sorry everyone,

tggTalks did not get released this week, as you can tell. Nathan and I were extremely busy with work, and we got tied up in getting it done. 213 more words


New Date for When W2 Forms Come Out

The IRS deadline for employers to send out W2s has been set for the upcoming tax season. Employers of all sizes must comply with this to avoid being fined or having their employees refunds delayed. 10 more words

Keep The Sun

It shines bright

It’s brighter than ever

But I’m stuck inside looking out


I can only wish that the sune keeps its brightness

Until I am able to play under it once more


Sapporo Teppanyaki

It’d had been a while since my friends and I properly met up, one of our friends was also here for a couple of days from Northern Ireland, plus we just need a reason to meet up and go for food 😜. 146 more words