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A new form of artistic introspection

To show everyone what you’re made of by letting yourself flow free is the main idea I introduced in this Art and Design topic-set exam project for Cambridge, called… 550 more words

Art Coursework

News Reporter freaks out over big bug on live TV [video]

Am I the only one who just basically heard Hank Hill scream at 0:02?


8 hr work day is outdated.

I know there is talk of pushing for shorter work day while increasing the time in which people retire. http://www.neweconomics.org/blog/entry/10-reasons-for-a-shorter-working-week <— just one example.  BUT… 90 more words

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Dupe for Mac's Flat out fabulous

The maybelline creamy matte lipsticks recently came out in the UK and as I’d heard amazing things about them I picked up two in the shades “rose rush”  and “magnetic magenta” and I noticed the similarities between magnetic magenta and Mac’s retro matte lipstick in Flat out fabulous. 25 more words