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Photo: Amy Schumer's Bathing Suit Brings Out Body Shamers

Amy Schumer RIPS the body shamers again!

Apparently Amy Schumer can’t be photographed in a bathing suit without the body shamers coming out of the woodwork. 83 more words


Christians out of touch with God

Most professing Christians are totally out of touch with God. They do not know Jesus Christ. They do not know what is happening in the kingdom of heaven. 315 more words

Summer Goal: GOMO

This summer is going to be all about GOMO. What’s GOMO, you ask? It’s the new FOMO: going out more often.

I admit it’s kind of a strange summer goal considering my goals for the past months and years have been quite the opposite: to stay in more, save money, save calories, get to the gym, and have productive weekends where I get off the couch. 892 more words

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New trending GIF tagged get out get out...

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The Tomb

by Abby Paden

all this time I knew
but folks had had their fill
the days were long and suffering
the nights were longer still… 124 more words


Have You Seen Celine Dion's Son? People Are Freaking Out Over How Attractive He Is!

Did you watch the Billboard Music Awards last night? People are freaking out over how good looking Celine Dion’s 15-year-old son is. Celine was presented with the Billboard Icon award last night, and the moment was made very special when her son presented it to her. 148 more words




Have you noticed how people only love the ocean when the sun is out?

Once the darkness settles and the breeze kicks in,
No one wants to swim among its waves. 125 more words