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To Kiss or Not to Kiss

We all like going out to town, having a bit of dance and a bit to drink. A cute guy might come up to you, buy you a drink, dance with you. 278 more words

Abby's Journal - 4/27/2016

I’ve talked about a few things since I had the revelation, but I haven’t talked about emotions and doubt. I think I avoided doubt because some would latch on to that and try to ‘talk me out of it.’ If I am going to have an honest journey, I should address that. 347 more words


9Goats Black Out - You Translation


In this confusion, you leave behind the superficial friendship

hidden in the gap between us who are starting to disappear.

While you keep crying, to wish that one day… 333 more words

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Make sure that while you’re working hard towards your ultimate goals, you are taking care of your body. The body breaks down day after day. You can workout, eat right, and be as careful as you want. 35 more words

Breathing In, Breathing Out

Jordan breathed in, then out. In, then out. One breath at a time.

Every breath felt renewing, deep, flavourful. He needed this. Time to rest and relax, to let the air fill his lungs, then blow out, taking stress and ill will with it. 151 more words

Short Story