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Turn Scrap Lumber into an Outboard Motor Stand

My most essential tool for working on my outboard motor is its stand. Without it, maintaining my 80+ pound, 8 HP Yamaha 4-stroke would be like a wrestling match. 227 more words


Trimming Yamaha Outboard Motor


The trim angle of the outboard motor helps determine the position of the bow of the boat in the water. Correct trim angle will help improve performance and fuel economy while reducing strain on the engine. 597 more words

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Yamaha Outboard Motor Maintenance Schedule

Trailer the outboard motor in the tilt position using a motor support device such as a transom saver bar. consult your Yamaha dealer for further details. 561 more words

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Yamaha Outboard Motor Repair and Maintenance Tips

Checking the Outboard Motor Mounting Height

1. Check that the anti-cavitation plate is aligned with the bottom of the boat. If the mounting height is too high, cavitation will occur and propulsion will be reduced. 153 more words

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How To Pick The Right Propeller For Your Boat by YAMAHA

The performance of a boat and outboard motor will be critically affected by the size and type of propeller you choose. Propellers greatly affect boat speed, acceleration, engine life, fuel economy, and even boating and steering capabilities. 316 more words

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Trolling Motor NV Saltwater Series


Do not allow children to operate the electric outboard motor. Do not modify the unit in any way or add accessories not intended for this product. 249 more words

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March 30 to April 3 or from Singapore to Phuket then Myanmar

Continuing on with the trip.   We set sail from Singapore at 8:00 PM Wednesday evening bound for Phuket Thailand.  To get to Phuket we would have a day at sea and we would be cruising through the Strait of Malacca.  642 more words