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$tingy's 12-Point Winterization Checklist

When fall arrives, many owners haul out their sailboats to store them for the winter. Months of nothing but exposure to the elements gives rust, mildew, marine fouling, and chafing time to claim new territory in the battle for supremacy over your sailboat. 1,938 more words


Cruise N' Carry 6700 Repair

This outboard fell over and cracked its housing and plastic fuel tank.  The fuel tank could not be repaired without being plastic welded.  I chose a MSR fuel bottle for a replacement tank and fitted it with a threaded1/4″ fuel line and a petcock.   49 more words

Ode to the Outboard Motor....

About this time last year, we had the usual and recurring saga of the outboard motor.  And now it’s happening again!  I really hate this engine, which thinks it is a superior being which has an important position in our boat hierarchy, as we are often so reliant on it when we take the dinghy ashore. 349 more words

Greek Islands

How to go shopping at Lidl when you live on a boat in Greece ……

As we have four extra people on board from tomorrow, I decided we should visit a decent supermarket and stock up on provisions, so my mega catering marathon can begin. 1,291 more words