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Fuel line

So last Saturday I managed to get the engine going, it seemed to run pretty god except a bit to high in neutral rev. On Sunday I was taking a look at the deck (I’m going to take it apart to clean underneath and make a new deck) so my first part was to disconnect the fuel line from the tank to the engine. 469 more words


The outboard motor stand

So the first thing I did when the day after we bought the boat was to get starting on a boat stand.

This was a easy project and I did it together with my 4 year old son. 235 more words


A change of scenery.

After several weekends at Shenny, it was time for a change of scenery.  We tossed around different anchorages we could try as the weekend of the 27th drew closer, but by the time Friday rolled around it was clear that winds would be light.   898 more words


When cruising do you have a spare engine in case of an emergency, and do you know what to do ?


She's Dead Jim...

Well, this was a weekend of ups and downs.

First, the start battery on bank one has gone to that big electroplate heaven in the sky. 427 more words


Hectic Times

Its been a hectic few days and I have run the full gamut of emotions.

I left home in Auckland on the 26th March, one day before my official retirement time and flew into Vancouver on the same day thanks to the date line.  357 more words

Vancouver To Glacier Bay, Alaska


No, not Reboot! The dinghy outboard engine. I went in for a quiet Sunday morning on shore. At about noon it was getting quite hot. I decided it was. 137 more words