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The Sun Sets Without Magic Tonight

It’s 5:45pm, Monday, mid August, and I am shaking as I type. It has been a lazy day at home for me and the boys. They have been at each other’s throats for the last few days. 895 more words

Find Your Magic

My Coffee Date, Ryan

If I were having coffee right now, I would love to sip every drop of it with my best friend Ryan. I do treasure him for over three years of brotherly mentoring and friendship. 627 more words



image © christy turner 2015

The Perseids rank as one of the best showers of the year because this shower not only produces around 100 meteors per hour (only bested by the December Geminids and the January Quadrantids), but it also produces the most…

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365 and 1/4 Days of Dilly-dallying, An Accomplishment

I can't decide if procrastination kills creativity or is essential to it.

— Grant Snider (@grantdraws) April 28, 2014

“No matter where you travel, where you go, you always want to return home – a place where you can be what you are.” – Kirandeep Walia…
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It’s time for parents to wake up

Are you a soft mom/dad..?


Are you soft son/daughter..?

Nowadays we often hear words like ‘ I didn’t have time’ or ‘I was running short of time’ or ‘sorry, I am a bit delayed’ 299 more words



She woke up in a world where no colors existed.

Everywhere she looks, it was dark.
She has to squint her eyes to see anything. 294 more words


Fire in Me

He ignited the dying fire of my passion.

He lost his own.

I dared rekindling it.

Then I saw myself drowning,

As I watch him journey to a peaceful slumber. 85 more words