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Here are your 15 best stories of emotional outbursts, temper tantrums and breakdowns on the golf course

On Monday, we asked you to share some of the horror stories you have witnessed on a golf course. The Golf Digest community answered this Bat Signal and answered with vigor.We received more than 500 emails, Facebook comments and tweets on the subject. 51 more words


Even as a child Donald Trump was horrible at making friends and rational decisions.


How I'm About To Meet Your Mother... Or Big Chad, The Inmate

As if unprompted, she said

“I am not a chair! Don’t sit on me!”

I’m not inclined to sit on strangers

But now I kind of want to see…


Brain dump.

I now present: Shit that came out of my brain and found its way into my “writing brainstorming” document on Google Drive that I have suddenly decided to share with you because it’s my fucking blog and I’ll post what I damn well please, bitch! 245 more words


Why do I keep doing this to myself?

I’m still letting other people’s opinions control how I communicate and what I say.

How long is it going to take before I truly set myself free and just write for ME? 119 more words


Manga Proves He’s Not One to Overlook On ‘Outbursts From The Outskirts’

Written by Samee Anibaba

Manga Saint Hilaire is a North London Grime MC, member of the legendary grime crew Roll Deep, and now part of one of the most underrated duos in grime, with producer Lewi B. 448 more words


Zero Ideas

Zero. Such a complex but at the same time, simple number. It’s a small circle, that turns out to be a little bit more oval. Used to describe many topics and situations. 212 more words