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The thing is, someone told me not to romanticize any feelings towards anxiety if I don’t really feel anything about it.


But what if there are really some days, or some nights, that I’m losing my control over my raging feelings and all I could do is to either let it all go with a cry or trap it all inside with a cry? 438 more words


Dont Let Your Emotions Run Life for Teens Dialectical

A Porch Swing is one of the first outdoor and lawn furniture ever designed. Spending time on a porch swing is considered to be the favorite past-time hobby of people in the past, especially when air-conditioning system was still not introduced. 230 more words

Appendix B - Case Studies


Janine, a 3rd grader, was the boss of all her friends. She said who they could play with and who they could work with in class. 3,311 more words

Surfing The Tidal Wave: Notes For New & Tired Teachers

Why Fognini is the bad boy of tennis: Top 5 angry outbursts

Fognini is the bad boy of tennis today. He is hugely talented but you never know what is coming next. He seldom has a good relationship with a referee. 292 more words


Shoe-throwing and Interim Care Order

This is a tricky case.  It involves an appeal to the Court of Appeal about the Judge’s making of an Interim Care Order in relation to four children aged between 8 and 2 1/2… 2,260 more words

Case Law