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Painted Johan

This is Johan (formerly the Renegade Steamfitter) for my Malifaux Outcast crews. He’s quite a simple chap; fulfilling three main functions for me. First, and most obviously, he has a massive hammer that nobody wants to be hit with. 147 more words

Painting And Modelling

Painted Freikorps Librarian

Here is the Freikorps Librarian, staple of my Outcast crews. The Librarian has a lot of versatility, a feature I value highly in Malifaux as your pieces have to fulfill a lot roles depending on the situation. 146 more words

Painting And Modelling

Student of Conflict

This was a quick conversion with a different head due to some damage as she was a second hand model. Thankfully a range you cant tell which is always good.


Crooked Lanes and Deep Shafts

I grew up in a boom town. It was on its…I think third boom, when I was there. It’s into its fourth now, with a pretty significant bust in between. 1,014 more words

Urban Photography: In-significant


Unfortunately, that is what most of us are thinking.

They work long hours for more money.
They don’t have enough time for their family. 115 more words