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Painted Montresor

Here is Montresor, the thematic Henchman for the Outcast master Jack Daw in Malifaux. On the table, I’ve really struggled to get much use out of the big chap since his abilities all revolve around bringing pieces in close to him and keeping them there, but do nothing to stop them from simply killing him once they arrive. 172 more words

Painting And Modelling

Eye of the Needle

“Father, I have Certificates from the very best theological school on earth” said he, as he unpacked the suitcase containing dozens of certificates. “I have learnt everything that I have to know about you. 546 more words


Entitled or Grateful?

This sermon was preached on October 9, 2016.

Luke 17:11-19

Two students come to mind from my time in Sewanee.

One was entitled.  She cheated.  But she beat the system.  1,476 more words


New World Ronin: Strategies for Artists, Entrepreneurs, Rebels, Warriors and Outcasts

New World Ronin: Strategies for Musicians, Entrepreneurs, Rebels, Warriors and Outcasts

if you’d like to prevent dwelling such as an unseen cat and start living just like a grasp of success, here is the guide you examine. 17 more words

Divergent Paths - divergent factions

For the last couple of Divergent Paths games, I’ve broken my usual modus operandi and played Outcasts rather than Arcanists. The main reasoning behind this is that it’s been a little surprising to see the same few factions (Neverborn, Resurrectionists and Arcanists) winning many of the weeks, and I decided – admittedly rather late – that I wanted to do my bit to try and help one of the other factions. 388 more words