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Forever? Right.

There is no such thing as forever.

Some people just stay together longer.

Some stay long enough to watch each other die.

Observe weddings, what do they say? 28 more words

The Things I Do

#ToMB2 vs #ToMB2

Got a ToMB2 game recently against the good man GPG.

You can check out the little write-up he did here; ToMB2: First Game.

Check out his conversions using the TTB kits, loving his Cassandra work :) 352 more words


#ToMB2 Month 1 - Complete

Well I have managed to do it :) Month 1 purchases for #ToMB2 are complete..

Nine models done in a month is not bad going if I do say so myself! 85 more words


The Two Misfits

“One too fierce to be hemmed in as a girl, and the other too hesitant to be respected as a boy.”

After Battle Thoughts - #ToMB2

Catch up with ToMB2 and I have played a couple of games with the Man Von Schill and here is a very quick rundown as my memory is something something… 1,062 more words


The Transgendered Argument

I’ve been suppressing my thoughts on the transgendered argument for a long time.  It’s a delicate subject. But it’s a constant beating in my heart and ringing in my ears and so I need speak about it.   983 more words

Cameron Butler blesses us with a Carnival EP bonus track!

Cameron Butler release a bonus track from his EP, “Carnival” titled “Outcasts” produced by IIVSD and ROBBIE. We are glad he released this track, because now… 40 more words