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Evening Prayer - 24 November 2015

The week of Thanksgiving is here

For many there is much to be thankful for

Yet in the midst of our festivities

Help us to remember, O Lord… 116 more words



Everyone loves rockets well, sometimes its good to stick a hot gremlin to it one and see what happens..


Breaking News from the Island of Misfit Toys….

Fredrick the Yeti has an announcement… Please click below to hear the news.


(This is what happens when you allow your inner child to make a commercial!)

Books That Nourish The Soul

passing by

Towers and pyramids built for cattle and fowl to sleep and relax
pierce the eyes in the sky. Dogs quarrel behind yesteryear’s rain
and yesterday’s soup, pharmacists paint the puddles. 79 more words


The Problem with Pariahs

The Kardashians are famous for: self love and self compassion. It’s as if Great Mother Father God cannot blast them enough. Their Cosmopolitan November, 2015 headline reads: “America’s First Family”. 411 more words

On Outcasts, Modern Pharisees, and Luke

Mormons (I among them) believe that there is a God, there is truth and untruth, and that there is right and wrong.  It is not true that anything goes, that whatever a person thinks is fine, or that whatever comes natural is acceptable.  634 more words

Toward Happiness

To Whom Was Jesus Sent?

I find it interesting that, when Jesus was born, there was no room for him in society.[1] No one even knew of his coming, except perhaps Mary and Joseph and John the Baptist’s parents. 961 more words