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Obliteration is here.... 

So this week I have managed to finish my Herald of Obliteration crew box set! 7 more models to go and then I can expand my collection to include the likes of the Talos, Scion of the Void and Lazarus. 201 more words

Outcast's HD Remake Was A Mistake

(Source: kotaku.com)

Playing Outcast in 1999 was a revelation. Playing Outcast in 2017 makes me think it should have stayed there.

An absolute cult classic, revered for its pioneering work in the field of open world adventures, Outcast was a game that dropped you on a vast alien world and left you to your own devices. 626 more words


Bad things happen...... 

Hi all back again just a little (lot) late

This week has seen some good progress on both the Malifaux front and 40k I’ve managed to achieve a good bone effect that I’m happy with on my Plague marines and have a manged to get a start on a colour I dread the most… Gold… Makes me shudder every time… 82 more words


Yaklaşık 2-3 aydır roman yazmakla uğraşıyorum. Yeni karakterler, yeni aileler yarattım ancak hiçbiriyle kendimi tatmin edemedim. İstediğim tadı bir türlü onlarla yakalayamadım. Sorun ne, neden bunlarla bir şey yazamıyorum diye düşünmeye dalınca farkettim ki bu karakterlerin hiçbirinin beni ben yapan sürrealist dünyamda yeri yoktu. 544 more words


Malifaux Tuesdays Battle Report - 50SS Marcus vs Viktorias

Took a one week hiatus and I’m back at it again! This week, I’m trying out a painted Marcus crew that I bought for a decent price. 1,178 more words


My Name Is Strange

My name is Strange. I have many others too. Odd, crazy, nonsensical, and my personal favourite, quirky. Throughout this journey, those around me had forgotten to see a real person, they’d put aside the fact that within myself, just like them, there was a soul, an opinion to be heard. 340 more words


The Outcasts

Finished Stranger Things Season 2 this weekend and these guys need a comic.