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Archivist Wasp

Title: Archivist Wasp

Author: Nicole Kornher-Stace

Summary: Wasp was chosen by the goddess Catchkeep to become an Archivist – the person who will protect her desolate village from the hordes of wordless, mindless ghosts that swarm just outside the walls. 276 more words

Science Fiction And Fantasy

Big Trouble on the Tabletop

It’s Sunday, but my wife and I have already managed two games of Malifaux! Pitting the Viktorias against Mei Feng, the battles had the flavor of a truly incredible action movie. 2,262 more words

Battle Report

When a Book Explains Everything You've Been Thinking.

One of my summer reading assignments was the book, The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth by Alexandra Robbins. Instead of researching the books the way I usually do, I went into Barnes and Noble and just asked for it. 626 more words

Bible Journal: Isaiah 56

The first half of this chapter is one of the sweetest in the Bible. Sometimes, I think I focus too much on the holiness and justice of God, while missing his graciousness and loving-kindness. 195 more words

Bible Journal

Feminism- a common facade?

We have crossed times when calling oneself an atheist was termed the ‘cool’ thing to do, times when complaining about a particular book or movie was the ‘In’ thing, and times when feigning knowledge about certain topics was the norm. 634 more words