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Malifaux tournament report: Vapnartak 2016 (45SS); 07Feb2016

I’ve had some good times at the previous Vapnartak events I’ve attended and so when tickets were on sale for the 2016 iteration I was very happy to buy one from Chris, the organiser, at some tournament we met at. 2,916 more words


A Family Afflicted

This little tale was an impromptu response to a fellow blogger’s prompt. He asked that I tell him a story. I asked what kind of story, and his response was “a fictionalized account of real life.” The following is the story I told him. 733 more words


Sewer bases and the Brotherhood of Rats

The Brotherhood of Rats story box, containing 12 miniatures, some story encounters like the ones in the University of Transmortis box (including a solo, solitaire-like, mission) seemed too good to be missed. 425 more words


Malifaux: Painting Bishop

Latest off my painting table is the mercenary Bishop. Originally a skilled pit fighter who turned gun-for-hire, he’s an incredibly potent melee beatstick with some versatile (and easily-accessible) triggers on his attack. 278 more words


Malifaux team tournament report: Breach Buddies (50SS); 09Jan2016

It’s a new year, but the Malifaux scene here in Scotland continues triumphantly onward. This event, held again at Common Ground Games in Stirling, was set up as a team format. 2,850 more words