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North Carolina's Rob Flo Drops A Song For The Outcasts in "Swerve"

Rob Flo is a fresh talent out of North Carolina influenced by the likes of Blink 182, Outkast, and Kid Cudi. Utilizing so many different sounds and musical time periods has made me an instant fan – further fueled by his newest single… 219 more words

New Music

Ezla - Outcasts (Review & Stream)

You know what I love about musicians like Ezla? Not only do they utilize their talents when it comes to their skillset, but they are also willing to allow listeners to get a glimpse into their lives and how they think through their music. 96 more words


The Best School Year Ever

The Best School Year Every by Barbara Robinson, 1994.

This year at school, Beth’s teacher has assigned everyone a year-long project to think about good points about their classmates, but it’s difficult when one of your classmates is Imogene Herdman.  806 more words


You're too... Whatever

This one goes out to all the misfits. To the “you’re too” whatever.

We’re living in an era where judging people is just a matter of stating an opinion. 256 more words

The Reality

People like people that they can fit into a box. That box is not a tissue box, a jewelry box or McDonald’s fry box. That box is a label box. 276 more words

Void Wretch

Welcome to the beginning of our slow review system for every model in Malifaux.  To clarify our format compared to other sources, we want to give each model a quick summary based on the card and our experience with it (if any) to cover things we like, things we don’t, and why we might take it in a crew list, focusing on how the model works on it’s own and leaving synergies to the preference of each player.   399 more words


Battle Report - Malifaux - Unto the Breach Ep 35

Nathan brings his Outcasts to face my Guild in this 50SS encounter from Gaining Grounds 2017!

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