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Describe how Social Media Networks Monitor Engagement with their Websites 2.5

When a social media page is created there is an admin or activity  page where they can see what has been viewed on the site, how many times has it been viewed and when has it been viewed. 211 more words

Unit 58

Describing the Advantages of Podcasting 2.6

There are many reasons that companies may use podcasts although not every company will use them.

  • Podcasts are a different type of format for information to be put in.
  • 248 more words
Unit 58

Company Policies on Social Media 2.7

Companies must have policies for every aspect of the business, they are a set of rules that allows for a task to be taken up quickly and easily. 327 more words

Unit 58

Advantages & Components of Social Media 2.2

A social media site allows for you to create a profile where you can upload information about themselves and their likes as well as upload a profile picture and a small description about yourself. 155 more words

Unit 58

Describe Social Media Outcome 2.1

Social media is used as a method of communication that is free, easy and worldwide. Social media enables a person to create a profile where they can describe themselves, interests and upload photos, videos and store their connections. 505 more words

Unit 58

Assignment 11- Heuristic Evaluation

The following link is to a live Google Form for a heuristic evaluation I created. This evaluation includes three questions for each of the 10 areas identified by Nielsen, tailored to modern websites. 30 more words