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Contemporary applications of big data in society

Big data also has uses in society, such as;

  • Measuring performance in sports with video footage analysis to see how performance can be improved…
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Contemporary applications of big data in science

Big data is also used in the sciences, such as for;

  • Analysing data about viruses and diseases to attempt to create cures or treat symptoms in medical science…
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Contemporary applications of big data in business

Big data is used for many things in businesses, this includes;

  • Data analysis to find information on potential customers, trends about products or to improve those products with data about the feedback of customers…
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2.D Secure your Network

Step 1. Open your router settings pageĀ 

To access your settings page enter “” into your web browser. Then enter your username and password if you don’t have it, it should be on your router or in the manual. 209 more words

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2.C Common security settings

Most common settings to set up for any device or account would be your password it my not seem like much but it is safest way to protect your data as long as it’s not simple and hard enough for people to figure out. 60 more words

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2.B Common threats and solutions

Common threats of a cyber attack are:

  • Malware
    Malware is a type of software designed to allow criminals to achieve their objectives, and can be categorized as follows:
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2.A The importance of cyber security

A cyber attack is usually intended to inflict damage or expropriate information from an individual, organisation or public entity, for the purpose of theft (of payment card data, customer details, company secrets or intellectual property), unauthorized access to networks, compromise of official records or financial and/or reputational damage. 23 more words

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