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Functional outcomes for patients after differing types of radical prostatectomy

A newly published paper in the British Journal of Cancer has reported on  patient-reported functional outcomes following robot-assisted laparoscopic (RALP), non-robot-assisted laparoscopic (LRP), and open (ORP) forms of radical prostatectomy. 649 more words


Final Book Cover

After many concepts and different directions in terms of both imagery and type layout I decided on this front and back cover. I feel the use of a ripped piece of paper represents both an aspect in all three categories of ‘Material, Process and Print’. 105 more words

Level 5

Researching Dave Lefner

The use of contrasting visuals Dave Lefner uses is an aspect that directly inspired me develop further and into an image of my own.

In order to continue developing within an urban theme I discovered the compositional layout a street post leaves to be quite of interest. 63 more words


Oil on Paper

A month long drying process, oil was carefully composed onto a piece of paper 60 years old. The age of the paper reacted to the oil by producing a transparent showing, revealing both sides of the text through either side. 24 more words


My Divider page

Researching layout through Swiss Design

I specifically researched into Josef Muller Brockmann, and the use of the Grid System when looking into how I wanted to engage the layout of divider page. 111 more words