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Among the few things that have changed within my lifetime, one important example is that of ‘projects’.  While I was in school/college, which was a long time back I must confess, there never was this topic of ‘Projects’ deliberated.  719 more words

Business Insider - Ivanka Trump reveals 3 things you should avoid when negotiating

“Business Insider sat down with Ivanka Trump to talk about her strategy for success in the workplace. Her father may be a billionaire and the Republican presidential nominee, but she has carved her own niche as a successful entrepreneur. 49 more words

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Vocational outcome 6-15 years after a traumatic brain injury

This study indicates that return to productivity in a long-term perspective after a TBI is possible, in particular when the individual is young, has sustained a mild TBI and has a milder form of overall disability.

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Fuck the outcome; praise the process!

Today’s society is focused on the outcome only, and disregards the process and the progress that it takes in order to reach an outcome. 

I’m not saying that the outcome is not important, because without focusing on an outcome you will never get anywhere. 476 more words


Predictors of quality of life after moderate to severe traumatic brain injury

Age and LOS were considered independent predictors of QOL. Conclusion Age and LOS are independent predictors of QOL after moderate to severe TBI.

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Goals . . . Who needs ‘em??!!

I say this somewhat sarcastically, but let me explain. School is starting and students are asking themselves (or someone else is asking), “what are your goals for this year?” Many students will say things like “to get all A’s” or “to get good grades”. 313 more words



I think sometimes I put my expectations in the wrong things. I look for happiness in the wrong places. I make decisions irrationally at times knowing my outcome. 62 more words