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Posterzine back cover-development & outcomes

For the back cover we was all given the sum up of who we as impression studio are that we created some weeks ago and our… 418 more words

Level 5

Posterzine article-development & outcomes

I began creating the feature article for my posterzine by collecting all the research I found on both feminist zines-Girls Get Busy and Polyester. Once I had all the information I needed I… 220 more words

Level 5

Going Against The Conventional


London. Full of tourists. Full of attractions, world-famous sights and landmarks. It is no wonder that a whole industry of souvenir production and trade has risen to make money out of that. 1,674 more words


Lakwena-The power of girl

Who wouldn’t want to design for big brands like ADIDAS? Lakwena London based artist had a chance to do so with her unique designs. 

Her art is so colorful that it hurts your eyes but it  puts a smile on my face.  189 more words

Level 4

Critical Design Thinking - Independent study

In our own independent study time we were to complete the zine ready for the 31st of October.

I spent a lot of time completing my idea for the zine because i was torn between multiple ways of displaying the information that i was wanting to put on it. 123 more words


Critical Design Thinking, Workshop two

Within our second critical design thinking workshop, we were asked to share to the group what ideas we had so far at the halfway point of the week. 119 more words


Drawing - Indipendant

Our independent study task for this core work shop was the brief, the brief was to complete one Triptych, 2 large scale drawings and one A5 sketchbook. 160 more words