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As promised I am back with something special from the 10 day long Ganesh Utsav. I know this post is a week too late, but better late than never. 335 more words

Outdoor Photography

First day of Autumn

Tomorrow is the first official day of autumn, meaning the leaves will be changing, the temps will be getting cooler and hiking trips will be so much better! 95 more words


Turning Two!


My niece is turning two today and I am so happy to be here with her. Here’s to her turning two and spreading joy and happiness all around. 12 more words

Outdoor Photography

What's the beetle doing to its companion?

This brief video (about 7 seconds long) captures a pair of beetles, apparently “Darkling Beetles” (family Tenebrionidae). It shows one beetle touching the other with its antennae.  93 more words


A summer of learning: Butterfly upperwings and underwings

My first “wow” butterfly moment in the summer of 2015, described in Butterflies Part I, was really about butterflies and moths, and their antennae.

The second moment of amazement is this realization: One butterfly, and in fact each individual wing of that one butterfly, can be very different when seen from above or below. 126 more words


A summer of learning: How to tell butterflies from moths

It has been a summer of wonder and amazement, based on apparently chance encounters of this insect or that. But of course what we see— if we are watching—reflects what is here for now, in this season (or sub-sub-season). 187 more words

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Hello all,

Not very long ago, I had the pleasure of capturing Nirali – the mommy to be, Bheshaj- her partner in crime & of course their third accomplice, Oliver. 67 more words

Outdoor Photography