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Animal Safety

Large predators, and animals in general can be a danger while hiking.  Missouri is admittedly docile compared to some places around the US, and other countries, but there are still several animals that can be dangerous.  1,489 more words


Hiking: My Rucksack Essentials

I love hiking but you already know that right? I’ve been learning lots when it comes to packing my rucksack full of the essentials. I’m not at the stage where I’ve been off for a few days hike  854 more words

Out & About

Outdoor Safety Tips : Collected from the Adventurers Who are Doing it

I belong to an awesome outdoor Facebook group that’s full of amazing outdoor people who’ve been a real source of inspiration. They’re helpful, open, and honest and encourage me to get out there and I think it’s important to surround yourself with like- minded people if you want to achieve anything in life. 404 more words


How to Keep Your Cool in the Summer Heat

Poolside lounging, long bike rides and sunny picnics are the joys of summer. Unfortunately, spending so many hours outside basking in the summer sun may put an individual at risk for heat exhaustion, a serious condition with short and long-term side effects that no one wants to deal with during sunshine-filled vacation months. 538 more words

Women's Health

Protect yourself when gardening

Things can happen to you in the garden.  So, it’s always best to use caution and protection when undertaking any tasks, even the most mundane and ordinary. 338 more words

Urban Gardening

Tick Attack

Tick Army

The tick army is formidable this year! After a heavy snow pack this winter, the ticks are out in full force.  They are already invading the woods and grassy areas we love to visit in the summer. 493 more words


Risk Management: Using Safety Circles

Our regular Wednesday morning Mushrooms hike with toddlers and caregivers is not taking place tomorrow, due to training in Maine.  As part of gearing up for our adventures creating summer journals with Sprouts & Seedlings (age 3-11), this week we have had to climb trees, use sharp tools, work together in the rain, wear bug nets, cook over wood fires, sword fight with sticks, and do tick checks. 450 more words