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Tentacles (Art in the Garden)

Made from steel and spraypaint

~ 26″ x 48″ each

Octopuses are fascinating creatures who have amazing intelligence. They are known to camouflage their skin to appear invisible, they can squeeze their bodies through tiny spaces, they have been known to play and pull pranks on humans including escaping from captivity just for fun, and they are even able to detach their arms in dangerous situations. 51 more words


Never Ending

Made from steel wire, cellophane, and spraypaint

7′ x 17″

Inspired by the personality of this tree, this site-specific piece explores the way in which nature grows and changes to create unique forms and designs. 30 more words


Love Locks in Ljubljana

No, not locks of hair, but padlocks.

Love Locks” started showing up in European cities in the early 2000s, soon becoming a craze, and can be found decorating bridges in many different places, such as Rome, Paris, Moscow and Cologne. 383 more words

Fun Moments

Artworks almost ready for the Opening of 2016 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project

Everything is looking good for the Press Conference and official opening of the 2016 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project in Cheng Long, Dunlin County, Taiwan.   307 more words

Ishiyama Green Space, Sapporo

Outdoor Sculpture