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Garden Sculpture

Gorgeous garden art is my thing for today. Don’t you just love this beautiful grey slate Globe Sculpture by Joe Smith?

Oversized art in my – very tiny – garden: fabulous, dahlings, don’t you think? 11 more words


"Swell" sculpture festival

Yesterday we drove down to Currumbin to view the “Swell” Sculpture festival, which showcases sculpture in an outdoor setting, on, or surrounding Currumbin Beach. 91 more words


Sculpture Park in Olympic Park, Seoul

Many Sculptures in the Park

I explained about the Seoul Olympic Park and the World Peace Gate in the previous post. Here I’ll focus on a few of the other sculptures dotted around. 403 more words


Petrogylphs Under the Sand

Actual rune like carvings found on Hawaiian beach. Should I rename my blog to “Carvings Under the Sand”? That of course holds a different meaning (more on that in the about section). 92 more words


Seoul Olympic Park and World Peace Gate

In 1988, twenty eight years ago, Seoul hosted the summer Olympics, a first for South Korea. Right now, Rio de Janeiro is hosting the summer Olympics, a first for Brazil (and South America). 818 more words


Totem Poles in Korea

Jangseung and Sotdae

Extraordinary, striking

A really fascinating part of Korean folk art is totem poles, known as jangseung and Sotdae. We first saw some at the National Folk Museum in Seoul a number of years ago, then at the Nagan Eupseong Folk Village near Suncheon last August. 568 more words



Well, it’s hot. If you’ve been wondering whether I have given up working in the studio during this heat the answer is…sort of.


I am not welding but there is plenty of other stuff to keep me busy. 624 more words