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Knitting yarns for sale in Outdoor Work

Double knitting yarns spun from our Jacob Sheep’s fleeces are available to buy from Outdoor Work: £5 each or £50 for 12; premium quality alpaca yarn on sale for £7.50 each. 12 more words

Bedales School

May 27: Five hours in the garden

Today was a busy, do-it kind of day, as opposed to yesterday’s nothing kind of day.

First off yahoo, the sun came out!!!! so it was time to scoop the leaves out of the pool to prepare for summer fun. 320 more words

Physically Fit

My eyes are bigger than my muscles

Every spring the beloved husband and I walk around the yard and comment on what we need to do. Usually it’s add some mulch here; move some things around; and pull out straggly dead stuff. 279 more words


Woolly thoughts

Strolling with my canine partners around the Bedales estate on these fresh May early mornings and starting to absorb the thoughts on nationhood and nationality springing from the election’s aftermath, I can’t help thinking about a particular kind of Englishness – one that beats no drum and certainly wouldn’t harm a fly – a timeless, pastoral Englishness that gripped Edward Thomas and Hardy (Dorset, not kiss me..) and that Shakespeare tapped into so brilliantly. 465 more words

Bedales School

Fast and slow lanes

Catching the immediate aftermath of a Jacob’s lamb’s birth at 6.30 this morning and seeing the careful advice tendered by Andrew Martin (Head of Outdoor Work) to the student helping him (hold the lamb by the back legs and at its mother’s head height), I find myself yet more inclined to write about the things that schools usually do not do, rather than what they generally do do. 637 more words

Bedales School

The pig wake up call

Discussing with a colleague the important topic of how to rouse an adolescent pig from its slumbers as I walk past the sty of our Oxford Sandy and Black piglets in the morning, he alerts me to the P.G. 176 more words

Bedales School

Pepper seedlings

On a completely different note, Pepper seeds I planted a week ago are sprouting. I’m happy about this for two reasons. First, because peppers can be slow to germinate (2 weeks plus) unless the soil is nice and warm. 46 more words