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Own your own Bedales lamb

By Andrew Martin, Head of Outdoor Work

Lambing this year reached 188%, meaning we got 47 lambs from 25 ewes with no fatalities. In the sheep world, this is very good news! 386 more words

I sent myself outside today on a mission to stop the further invasion of home by a large gang of steroid-made flies as my son was fed up with already having killed probably 6 and trapping two in his bedroom. 763 more words


Creative coppicing - the Bedales way

By Carter Clothier and Oscar Goldblatt, Block 4

On Wednesday, we, and seven other students got an amazing opportunity to take part in a workshop with… 520 more words

How about taking a Bedales pig home?

For the past 18 months we have been keeping pigs and learning lots along the way! It is a venture / journey that we are delighted to have undertaken; our rotund friends have added so much to school life, student wellbeing and Outdoor Work lessons. 2,377 more words

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Today’s eye

By Keith Budge, Headmaster, Bedales Schools

Up early this morning and catching the end of the farming programme, where discussion is all about how to sell food to millennials, who relish the authentic, unlike smug baby boomers like me who have occasional cravings for those sweetly synthetic sausages that on a good day you found in your beanz.  427 more words

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