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Regio Inspired Preschool

Today I had  the privilege to visit a local Regio inspired preschool  named Heritage discovery preschool that totally took my breath away. When I see the environment  I had this immediate feeling come over me this is how learning should look. 243 more words

A Balcony Oasis

J and I moved into our condo this past January and I couldn’t wait to spruce up the balcony. As soon as the weather was warm enough, I started planning how I was going to make our little 4’ x 10’ balcony a little oasis. 561 more words


Endlich Regen!

Felino-Steve in his outdoor chair while it is raining. He loves to stay outside and listen to the sounds of nature.


Dinner on Water

We finally had the Gondola experience in Irving, Texas. We even witnessed a proposal near the mini waterfalls! That was our first time seeing a proposal close by so that was pretty exciting. 118 more words