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Bite Club Birthday Special – 8/10

Bite Club holds street food events every month in Berlin during the summer. They’re pretty popular, but as they always seem to clash with my not being here this is the first time I’ve made it. 748 more words


Hiking Magome Pass

Magome Pass is the highest point of a lush day hike just a few hours outside of Tokyo.

As a day trip, Magome is typically done from Nagoya. 288 more words

Solo Trips

Guest post: The intrinsic reasons why people love to hike by Harvey Barker

Photo: Dominic Morel

There are many reasons why hikers fall in love with hiking. But whatever it is that compels them to hike, two things are perfectly clear: They enjoy hiking and derive many benefits from it. 428 more words


Plato and Aristotle: History of Science

Pop quiz are you a Platonist or an Aristotelian? An idealist or an empiricist? Do you think up neat rules to describe the universe and then try to fit data into your theory? 2,074 more words

The Presocratics: Crash History of Science

long ago some philosophers worked very hard to separate myths from what they actually knew about nature bailey’s theorized that everything in the world is made of water Pythagoras was a mathematical mystical vegetarian and Democritus we all know and love as the atom guy meet the pre-socratics the pre-socratics were named for their leader of course priests Socrates that is a joke they were several different philosophers who lived before Socrates now why start with the pre-socratics since people have systematically made knowledge about the world for millennia there’s no single starting point but a convenient place to get our footing is ancient Greece these Greeks were the cornerstone of scientific inquiry in Western Europe their theories had a terrific run like try and imagine coming up with a question about the nature that puzzles people for more than , years I can’t even decide what to have for… 2,039 more words