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Evergreen Winter Seasonal Pots 2016

It’s that time again!! Wiiiinter pots!!


We pre-fab these at the office and the crews deliver these to the client’s homes. You can skip many of the next steps if you already have a prepared pot of soil. 293 more words


5 Things to Do In 24 Hours of Darkness (Part 1)

It is now December 6th, and two days ago we said goodbye to our precious sun until the new year. As a new resident in Inuvik, I’ve got to admit that I’m a bit nervous of what is to follow. 1,170 more words


How to Improve your Photography with Filters

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When I started getting serious about my landscape photography , one of the first accessories I wanted to add to my kit was a set of ND Filters that would allow me to get the best image in camera that I could and improve my photography overall. 1,473 more words


10 DIY Gifts for Climbers

I don’t know about you but my checking account isn’t exactly overflowing. It’s just the way of things for most outdoor enthusiasts. And while that isn’t typically a big issue, this time of year has the potential to put a strain on things. 455 more words