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Blast from the Past

This right here is quintessential dad.  This pictures says so much about the man in my life and represents so much of what I will always carry with me when it comes to him. 553 more words


Villingadalsfjall: Faroe Islands Best Hike

Overlooking the small town of Vidareidi is one of the tallest  mountains in the Faroe Islands. Emily and I spent a couple days debating whether or not to even do the hike, as we found a lot of information online saying we should “hire a guide.” Guides cost a few hundred dollars so no thanks, but we also didn’t want to get into something we couldn’t handle. 253 more words


Running With Wolves - Or, Moose. Or Bears.

It sounds like the opening line of a joke.

Earlier this month, a man was running in New Brunswick, Canada when he was attacked by a moose. 499 more words


Three Moments


I have a group of eight students. It is their first week of school.

We’re going to do some get-to-know-you games, I say. To start, let’s go around the circle and say our name and favorite holiday. 728 more words

Creative Nonfiction

Awesome Alpine Plants

My daughter and I went for a hike on Saturday after being cooped up in the house all day Friday by a rip-roaring southerly storm. The storm lashed us with rain and hail, but in the mountains, it brought snow. 634 more words


Torhouse Stone Circle

The Standing Stones of Torhouse (also Torhousekie) are a stone circle of nineteen granite boulders on the land of Torhouse, three miles west of Wigtown, Scotland.