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My 2 year old mixture of all that is tough turned into most that is sweet.
Mastiff x Rotty + Pitbull x Bulldog.
Benji honestly never runs out of energy, so he makes a great subject and I loving taking photos with the lil guy. 22 more words


The Mystery Spot

The yellow bumper stickers all across the bay area and California were a constant reminder of the one thing I still had left to do. All the locals had gone at least once, except me. 847 more words


Slopes of 'Defiance'

Spence here.

I wrote the following poem after Billy and I got off the John Muir Trail in 2012 and went to New Mexico. I was really disappointed at that time, with the fact that my body (after two knee surgeries) and my mind (stubborn as always and over-confident) were not ready for backpacking. 1,123 more words


Don't lose hope when the sun goes down

Don’t lose hope. When the sun goes down, the stars come out.

If there is one thing in life that you can never lose beside yourself, it is the hope for a better day, because their will always be one.Just as there are bad times; there will come good times as well. 40 more words


What’s New?

I had hoped that I would have time to write Tuesday night, but that didn’t happen and now it is Saturday night, turning into Sunday. Things have been pretty busy here, but it has been filled with family and quilting! 919 more words


Just Needing to Drive.

Hey Everyone!

It feels like I have been going to the coast about every other weekend. Something about being at the coast feels normal to me, and it is such a part of my life. 316 more words