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Sandia Mountains

It’s been real lately! The last week of July was a blur. Prepping for the last few days before the bar was painful. Taking the bar was torturous. 332 more words


Ideals: 4 Ways to Start Living with Intention

Starting is pretty easy like most things, but finishing always seems to be way hard than starting. Just like that novel you wanted to start, that trip you began to plan but never got around to, the hobby you loved, etc. 347 more words


Mountain Earnings

This is an personal essay I’m working on….still twisting and tweaking but the bones of the search and rescue mission are here! Feedback’s always welcome. 1,123 more words


Saturday Morning...

…a sprinkler and sun still on it’s way up. A perfect combination.


Rolling Thunder!

Here come the storm clouds, rollin’ in quickly, covering our bright summer skies with dark ominous clouds, and heavy with rain. Now that I look at these pictures they somewhat all look the same, but they are actually very different, and all taken anywhere from 10 seconds to two minutes apart. 44 more words