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Forgotten for 12 YEARS - Vlog 315

In which we take an electronic trip down memory lane!

I believe in a value-for-value model so if you liked this, maybe you could throw me a dollar? 70 more words


Let's Go Fishing On Instagram - Episode 40

Welcome to the 40th post in our Let’s Go Fishing!! Instagram photos feature series. Enjoy these select fishing photos posted on Instagram. We select photos celebrating the sport and art of fishing and getting a great catch out on the water and deliver them to you to enjoy viewing. 999 more words


My Season Update 02/23/2019

With record snowfall for the month of February in Minnesota, spring can not come soon enough. Today as we sit, there is 18″ of snow on the ground. 236 more words


You don't really need all that tech.

My yellow synthetic jacket has become polkadolked with blue, green and purple patches covering up the holes I’ve put in it, so I can’t go long at work without being asked “Mate, what do you do to your jacket?”. 596 more words

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she roams, she returns, but always led to freedom


The last Friday of February - 2019

It was unseasonably warm, this, the last Friday of February, temperatures nudging seventeen degrees and a spring tide almost cutting off the village of Glasson. The little blue car and I are here again for our annual groundhog day. 964 more words


A week away, some well-stocked feeders and a stone-age pit

This week, we’ve been at Center Parcs in Elveden for a little half-term break. I’ve been several times and rate it highly, both for children and for disabled access, as I supported someone with a learning disability to visit there twice, in a previous job. 417 more words