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Happy Hummer!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the increased number of Hummingbirds visiting our coastal region this season. The wild Hummingbirds at the Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter in Newport can’t get enough of the sweet nectar substitute we provide them in our extra wide, bottom feeder that we replenish constantly to accommodate their demands and keep them happy! 1,026 more words


"Keeper of Dreams"

In North Carolina we do not concern ourselves with the presence of free roaming lions and tigers but bears, OH MY!! A 300 pound black bear was recently seen running through a playground in Eastern North Carolina, and only a few days earlier, an adolescent black bear visited a Community College Campus. 963 more words

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The Wandering Ibis

When a Good Samaritan delivered a juvenile American White Ibis to the Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter in Newport a few weeks ago, she was an odd and pathetic sight for sure. 922 more words

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"The Woods Ghost"

Very few and far between do we admit Bobcats to the Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter in Newport because they are extremely elusive, secretive and avoid all human contact. 659 more words


"A Water-Belcher?"

Most coastal residents and vacationers to our coast are familiar with Great Blue Herons or White Egrets because they are a common sight in the marshlands of Eastern North Carolina. 625 more words


Meet the Cormorant!

When we receive distress calls at the Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter in Newport regarding beached or injured seabirds, most people can identify pelicans and gulls, but sometimes they are stumped and say “I don’t know what it is, but its all black.” By that description, we’re pretty sure we will soon be admitting a Cormorant. 750 more words

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Yard Angels

We definitely get our share of opossums admitted to the Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter in Newport, NC, be it injured adults or orphaned babies. Although an adult opossum may be harder and heavier to handle, what’s not to love about a “Mickey-Mouse” baby possum? 810 more words