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Samsung Stalker!

It’s funny how along a spectrum of things which the average punter would find really easy versus highly specialised skills which only a few can successfully complete, I have very little consistency at either end. 997 more words

Head in the clouds

There is a very unusual cloud formation on the island and I’ve observed and photographed it several times and I really must find out the scientific reason for why it happens. 387 more words

Finsbay Cottages, Isle of Harris

This is a beautiful video of the Finsbay Cottages on the Isle of Harris.  I haven’t done much fishing … well, let’s be honest, pretty well never fished … but this looks like an amazing place to get away and be still for a while.


Runner-girl's chocolate: don't touch!

I was out earlier today, doing some semblance of running on one of the local trails and afterwards I decided I would treat myself to some high calorie convenience food, y’know, to counteract the good healthy benefits of All That Slogging. 760 more words


Online courses

This week sees a return to writing, started Week 2 of the online ‘Start to Write Fiction’ by Futurelearn (the fact it’s free does not dilute the quality – it’s a top notch OU based taster course).   200 more words


Charity MÓD relay

Okay. Confessions of an over-eager plodder (Part 276) and if you laugh at me for this, I will batter you the next time I see you. 489 more words



National Poetry Day 2016 – The following poem is one of a series inspired by John Maher’s incredibly powerful ‘Nobody’s Home’ exhibition held recently in Glasgow, of abandoned crofts in the Outer Hebrides. 159 more words