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#Holiday time! Touring the Outer Hebrides (the Western Isles, #Scotland )

October is holiday time, and this year we (that’s me and Brian) decided to see – you guessed it – a bit more of Scotland, but this time with a difference. 557 more words



a place appointed for worship in the time of heathenism

Martin Martin A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland circa 1695

Someone once said that the wonder evoked by historical sites is inversely proportional to the number of eyes that have already gazed upon them. 937 more words


A sky full of light

Last night I was lucky enough to witness one of the brightest displays of the aurora borealis I’ve ever seen, right from my back garden! 157 more words


Life in the Western Isles

Crystal clear water beneath the turquoise seascapes. White sandy beaches integrated between outstanding rugged coastline. All this, wrapped around the moody and biodiverse Hebridean islands. Don’t be put off by the weather, be attracted by it. 222 more words


A life jacket called 'Hope'.....

I consider myself to be an intellectual and reasonably intelligent person. As a scientist I have alot of common sense and problem solving and solution finding are one of my strengths. 306 more words

Beautiful machair: a wonderful yet vulnerable treasure of the Outer Hebrides

I wrote briefly about the treasure that is Machair in my last holiday post about our trip to the Outer Hebrides. Here is a wonderful short video which highlights perfectly the beauty of this landscape. 125 more words


Outer Hebrides Landscapes

For my last post of the Outer Hebrides I’m going to leave you with a few random landscape images from around these beautiful Scottish islands: 6 more words