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numerology for Jordan Linn Graham

September 10, 2013

A Montana newlywed may be facing life in prison now that she has been charged her husband’s murder after she admitted to pushing him off a cliff at a national park just over a week after their wedding. 496 more words


numerology for Emily Conatzer

10:29 EST            22 May 2013

Nine-year-old best friends Antonia Lee Candelaria and Emily Conatzer died hand-in-hand as their school was torn apart around them it has emerged today. 1,036 more words

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numerology for Bella Richmond

May 20, 2013            12:00AM

THE parents of a baby labelled “ugly” and ridiculed on national television will today seek legal action after Channel 9 refused to apologise. 420 more words

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numerology for Raha Moharrak

May 18, 2013

A Saudi Arabian woman was among 64 people who successfully scaled Mount Everest on Saturday from Nepal’s side of the mountain, according to mountaineering officials. 226 more words

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numerology for Anna Marie Jarvis

May 10, 2013

Mother’s Day was founded in 1907 by a West Virginia woman as a tribute to her own mother. In her 40s, Anna Marie Jarvis, a college graduate, quit her job and incorporated herself as the Mother’s Day International Association. 434 more words

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numerology for Wade Robson

May 8, 2013            12:15 p.m.

Eight years after he testified in the Michael Jackson molestation trial that the pop star never touched him, an Australian choreographer has filed a claim against the singer’s estate alleging “childhood sexual abuse.” 340 more words

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numerology for Geoffrey Portway

7 May 2013               09:17 ET

A Briton faces up to 27 years in a US jail for plotting to kidnap, rape, kill and eat a child, authorities say. 589 more words

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