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Outfit Post: Accidental Matching

Dontcha just love it when you manage to accidentally match your outfit to your surroundings?! If you don’t blog your outfits, the answer to that is probably ‘Ummmmm….no, actually! 257 more words


Everything's Coming Up Roses

Woah, hey! Long time no blog. It’s been literally almost a year, and even then, I had only made one post. So much for the blogging thing! 605 more words


High street heaven

Fashion Week is drawing to a very sad and unwanted close, but as we are now well into the transition from summer to winter, it is only right to pay homage to this glorious season by incorporating it into your everyday outfits. 557 more words


Outfit: Mostly Jazz

Ok, so this isn’t really much of an outfit post. There is nothing to write home (or even blog home!) about in what I’m wearing here. 663 more words


Laid back & comfy

Even though I love high heels, the way they look and make your legs look, I don’t wear them that often. I like being free and not limit myself to do what ever & to go wherever. 8 more words


Outfit: Top of the Crops

Now, for those of you that don’t know, last week was officially the start of Autumn.

I’m completely in denial of this fact, so I’m going to keep posting sunny, summery outfit pics until the sun becomes real again. 575 more words


Outfit: Thank You, Regina!

When you’re having a bit of a wallow it’s inevitable that many a day is spent make-up free, hair scraped back, in those pyjamas that seem to be covered in dog hair even when they’ve just come out of the washing machine (most of my clothes come out of the washing machine covered in dog hair actually, but these seem particularly bad). 705 more words