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Unspoken Rules of Being a Badass

What comes into your mind when you hear the word “bad ass”? Is it the person who is difficult to deal with? A troublemaker? The aggressive one?   286 more words


Jungle Fever

Wishing for the Summer days!!!

-Have a Great Day.


Bells and Lace

One of my biggest wardrobe flaws is this: I never ever get anything hemmed. I’ve only ever gotten 3 things hemmed as an adult: two pairs of jeans and one gown I wore to a wedding last year. 270 more words


All Business in the New Year

One thing I have had on my style bucket list this past year was a leather pencil skirt. I’ve honestly been trying to snag myself one for an absurdly long time now and thanks to Shein my dreams have finally come true! 373 more words



Normcore is a unisex fashion trend characterized by unpretentious, normal-looking clothing. Normcore is a portmanteau of the words “normal” and “hardcore”. -Wiki 305 more words


Hunter in Ithilien

The elvish hunter has tired of looking like a Beorning and taken on a somewhat less dire look for the lush Ithilien woods.

Head: Extravagant Festival Cap, umber… 52 more words


Grey winter layering

Hello Guys,

Nothing more fun and comfy then layering different pieces and combining tons of clothing to keep you warm.
Whether you pile it on to achieve a certain look or to just stay warm, it never hurts to have fresh combinations on hand. 166 more words