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Slides and Shades

Hey Guys,

I’m back with another outfit post and lately I’ve been loving the distressed t-shirt trend. I recently tore some holes in one of my vintage tees and I love it now even more. 212 more words



To be honest, I am such a lazy summer dresser. I’d rather stay around my house and do nothing than go out in something uncomfortable. It’s really hard to find something comfortable when it’s 30 something degrees outside, but I’ve come up with a solution! 228 more words


Baggy Jeans and Leather Chokers

Summer is slowly coming to an end and yet it seems to only be getting hotter. It’s also finally leo season so shoutout to all of my fellow leo babes <3 With that being said I wanted to actually wear a pair of jeans since I haven’t in a while due to the weather, however once I stepped outside I realized that probably wasn’t a smart decision. 79 more words


Day 5 

“Keep your own essence”. Talking with a friend about the many challenges and mostly changes that we have faced this three months we agree that we don’t want to loose our essence. 56 more words

Jump Around

I’m all about wearing overalls. I have a denim pair from Hollister that fits like a glove, but every time I wear them people are like, “oh are you working out in the yard today?” Literally can’t tell you guys how many times that has happened to me. 252 more words


Day 3

My challenge of the day consist practically in describe myself in one word.

I not only express myself trough my way of dressing also by the way I am. 67 more words

Sailor for Life

Hey, everyone! I’m back today with a sailor-inspired outfit! However, as an actual sailor, I can attest that this is NOT what sailors actually wear (which is why I personally find Sperrys and their advertisements infuriating). 102 more words