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Griffen Outhouse - Shut out - First Star

Victoria Royals goaltender Griffen Outhouse stoped all 36 Moose Jaw shots for the shut out and the games first star.

The Shack Out Back

When I was young there was a country song that went… Don’t Let Them Tear That Little Brown Building Down. The outhouse was used by many  in the early twentieth century and is still by a few. 317 more words


The Comforts Of Home

Just did a three day road trip exploring the wonders of nature. So nice to find all the comforts of home in the middle of nowhere. 26 more words

Coming of (Old) Age in India

Sometimes people start believing the fiction they create about  themselves. Having written two books on journalism I pretended to be an author. It did not matter that the books were rejected by all journalists, including those I trained (not one was ready to read and those who did refused to give even a few lines of feedback) I decided not to ever write about journalism. 786 more words

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Rohn outhouse open

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s proposed lockdown on the lone outhouse in the remote, Alaska Range outpost of Rohn has been lifted, meaning fat-tired cyclists and ultra-runners headed north in the Iditarod Trail Invitational are good to go, so to speak. 751 more words


One stinky story

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has decided 70 fat-tire cyclists and runners set to hit the Iditarod Trail in February pose a risk to the outhouse outside the iconic, one-room Rohn Roadhouse cabin in the heart of the Alaska Range. 1,242 more words


The Origins of Fondue, Theory No. 2

In the early 20th Century, when the rest of Western Europe was upgrading its infrastructure, in order to provide the population with modern amenities, one of the common projects all across old world cities, which had been built before modern plumbing, was to enhance the sewer systems, so that even the most modest household apartment would have its own flush toilet. 90 more words