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Find Dennis Lehane's Dog and Get a Part in His Next Crime Novel

Have you ever wanted to have a character in one of Dennis Lehane’s dark crime dramas named after you? Help the author find his beloved beagle and your wish could come true. 220 more words


Reading While Eating for Sept. 17: Occupy Turns One

Blow Out the Candles: It’s been exactly 365 days since the Occupy Wall Street movement first launched its protest against the 1 Percent. Here are some… 159 more words


WATCH: Maurice Sendak's Last Interview with Stephen Colbert

At the time, the idea of putting a children’s author known for giving free rein to his dark side in the room with a famously irreverent late-night host seemed like a recipe for a prickly interview. 231 more words


R.L. Stine Shares a Mini-Horror Story Through Twitter

Hankering for your Goosebumps-readingdays? Author R.L. Stine tweeted out his very own mini-horror story, 140 characters at a time.

Stine’s approximately 45,000 followers at… 126 more words


Google Doodle Celebrates Mark Twain's 176th Birthday

There’s always an excuse to honor Mark Twain, even if it’s just him turning 176. Which is why today’s Google Doodle does just that.

The doodle depicts the famous fence whitewashing scene from Twain’s classic 1876 novel… 242 more words


Sad But True: Snooki Paid More to Speak at Rutgers Than Toni Morrison

Rutgers: The place where reality-show fame gets you more money than a Pulitzer Prize. 377 more words