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Ghosts of Boyfriends Past

So I was thinking today while I was doing some yardwork.  I do my best thinking in the yard, bee-tee-dubs.  I know some people like to think in the shower, but I don’t have that much hot water.  738 more words


Fashion Friday

I like to rock a moderately androgynous style, mixing traditionally masculine elements with feminine touches.  leather jackets + floral scarves #androfemme

Before I get into too many more… 96 more words


Outlaw's Sneak Peek At Blake Shelton's New Video

Blake Shelton released a new teaser for his “Sangria” music video.

Hot Hot Hot stuff!


Frank Hardy, one time member of the Barrow Gang

On Christmas Day, 1932, Doyle Johnson of Temple was taking a nap after the family Christmas dinner when he was awakened by his wife saying that some individuals were trying to steal his new car, parked outside.   550 more words


The Ballad of The Outlaws' Clearing

With his thick black hair falling o’er his neck, gleaming blue-black, like jays in the sun,
He cleaned out the spurs on his best riding boots; spat and polished the barrel of his gun. 700 more words


Outlaw Cute Alert!

Thousands of people have been watching an eagles nest in Pennsylvania since January to see the birth of the baby eaglets.

The mom and dad protected the eggs through a fire storm… 21 more words