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GG Allin t-shirts – Outlaw Sumfuc

Journal Entry 9-22-16

Bonnie Tyler – He is The King

I broke down and cried again today. A mixture of causes. When the Tranny broke up with me, I told him I would keep his Skype address, so that I could review our interactions – and that I’d always be waiting for him. 649 more words


Becoming an Outlaw

Out: a means of escape or excuse, as from a place, punishment,retribution, responsibility, etc.:

 Law: the controlling influence of rules; the condition of society brought about by their observance: 564 more words


Ned Kelly's last Stand

The journey continued southward, climbing over high winds and mountains to reach fields of cattle spread out either side of us. We had booked a room in advance at Wangaratta, just 2 hours north of Melbourne. 319 more words

Strength / Stability & HIIT

So after a bit of a mid-to the latter part of the-season break, in recent weeks I’ve hit the local gym with the following on my mind: 374 more words


NFL: A League of Outlaws

Colin Kaepernick’s decision not to stand for the US national anthem prior to the start of an NFL pre-season game is the latest stunt by athletes who buy into this belief that their small action can change the world. 409 more words