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so young and innocent

and no,
i didnt take home
the 24 year old
who confessed to me a love
of goth music

and wont stop texting me
after i finally talked… 30 more words


My Confidante

falling in love is too easy
he asks me from our hotel room
“Why are you leaving?
I know you’re scared,
but you’re scaring me. 106 more words


23rd March 1862 The Birth of Nathaniel Reed, American criminal #Onthisday

Nathaniel Reed Nick named (Texas Jack) was born onthisday March 23rd 1862 and died on January 7 1950。 He was a 19th century American Outlaw. Responsible for many bank, stagecoach and train robberies throughout the American southwest between the years of 1880-90s. 78 more words


Romance and Outlaws

I listed Lorna Doone as a re-read on my Classics Club book list, but suspect I hadn’t actually read an unabridged version before. I didn’t remember whole pages worth of conversation written in dialect or so much time spent building John and Lorna’s childhood relationship in the first half of the book. 750 more words


Under Your Mattress (you sick freak, you)

I’m going to sign my books
with the dirtiest talk
and the filthiest inscriptions:
“Dear reader,
Go get fucked!
Hearts, kisses and bullshit,
Ms. Georgia Park” 73 more words


A little shout out to...

Dixi jewellery

I have been social-media-liking and longfully lusting over barrels of beauties from Dixi jewellery and so last month (with the help of a darling little discount code) I finally gave in. 299 more words



The legends of the real-life American outlaws Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid remain sufficiently powerful enough to inspire fiction writers to create “what if” stories of their lives beyond the South American shoot-out that supposedly ended them. 197 more words