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Typical Crazy Weekend

So I thought I would give some insight into my hectic weekend so y’all can get to know me a little better and maybe understand where my posts are coming from. 368 more words


Yearly Goals

Being a young mom is like anything else in life; it has it’s ups and downs. It’s not always easy but it’s also not always hard. 210 more words


A Simple Gaussian-based Anomaly Detection Kernel in R

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anomaly_detection: In data mining, anomaly detection (or outlier detection) is the identification of items, events or observations which do not conform to an expected pattern or other items in a…

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Defining the outlier, variance, standard deviation.

First, find an IQR=Q3-Q1:

  • About 50% of the data falls within the IQR
  • The IQR is not affected by every value in the dataset
  • IQR is not affected by outliers.
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Pass the Fudge, Alice

This is the food of paradise — of Baudelaire’s Artificial Paradises: it might

provide an entertaining refreshment for a Ladies’ Bridge Club or a chapter… 222 more words


Hailu and Loku Days-Outliers

© Jo Hewitt THE TEAL MANGO, 2015

Growing up in a family who sat outside of society but holding on to its norms, some good-be polite, work hard, do well in school, some not so good-racism, blind support for war and the military and in general, don’t speak out against the government, I stood apart from society and from them. 188 more words

Haiku And Loku Days

Monday, Rain in the Morning

It was raining in the morning and sunny and warm in the afternoon. I rode down on the Lakefront but home on the streets/through the park. 100 more words