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Commuting to Work: What to Wear

People watching is likely my favourite pastime. Since I’ve made myself at home at Vanhawks, I’ve shifted my attention towards watching cyclists. Our office is located just East of Toronto’s Business District and it’s been such a treat to watch all the cyclists biking to work each day – especially those dressed to impress (I’m seriously impressed). 560 more words

Cycling Essentials

Anomaly Detection with Predictive Algorithms

Outliers can generally be detected by algorithms used for predictions. Examples include algorithms for clustering, classification and association rule learning.

To illustrate, let’s run through an example with the k-nearest neighbor (kNN) clustering algorithm. 256 more words

Machine Learning

Trend and Outlier

Trend Outlier and pattern Detection (TOP)—-

A very simple answer: plot your data and look for peeks.basically Trend  is a general direction in which something tends to move. 577 more words


In Defense of the Anecdotal

The Black Swan. I was first introduced to her through ballet – the ferocity and confidence oozing from that particular variation seemed somewhat foreign in the delicate and pristine world of classical dance. 138 more words



I like lining things up. If I can find them that way, fine, but if not, I’ll move around until in my version of the moment they fit just so. 32 more words


Outlier Linguistics – You got me at 祭 and 黑

Backed! 活到老,學到老. Will be glad to add @OutlierLinguist to my toolbox – as a @plecosoft add-on – let the Chinese learning journey go on! 🀄️📖📱👏

— taiwanvore (@taiwanvore) …

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Ross Douthat: The Prospects for Polygamy

New York Times — ON every issue save abortion, social liberalism is suddenly ascendant in America. The shift on same-sex marriage has captured the headlines, but the change is much more comprehensive: In just 15 years, we have gone from being a society divided roughly evenly between progressive and traditionalist visions to a country where social conservatism is countercultural and clearly in retreat. 106 more words