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Being Different

Yes, I sketched it. I don’t think this is the first time you saw such a graph. If I play the role of the museum guide yesterday, what do you see on this graph? 196 more words


Richard Tol misrepresents consensus studies in order to falsely paint John Cook’s 97% as an outlier

John Cook warned me: if you attempt to quantify the level of scientific consensus on climate change, you will be fiercely criticized. Most of the counterarguments don’t stand up to scrutiny however. 963 more words


Outlier Detection with SQL Server, part 8: A T-SQL Hack for Mahalanobis Distance

By Steve Bolton

…………Longer code and substantial performance limitations were the prices we paid in return for greater sophistication with Cook’s Distance, the topic of the last article in this series of amateur self-tutorials on identifying outliers with SQL Server. 3,153 more words

SQL Server

On Being the Black Sheep

In the few weeks since my last post we have been wrapped up in the whirlwind that is moving. For the fourth time in six years, we packed up just about all of our possessions and moved to a new apartment in a new state and began a new life. 736 more words

Uncomplicated Smith Outlier ChromaPop Polarized Sunglasses

Article from articlesbase.com We all have looked imitation sunglasses or duplicate sunglasses that resemble many designer model sunglasses. When someone works to purchase genuine designer sunglasses how do they know if they are truly purchasing a name brand pair? 213 more words




From everything you know.

The world around you flying, but you don’t even show.

The stage is set and ready for the curtain to be pulled, 57 more words


Book Review: Outliers – The Story of Success

When we try to understand success, we normally start with the wrong question. We ask ‘what is the person like or what is his background?’ Is he born with a silver spoon? 323 more words