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Tuesday, Wet, Cold, Grey

Cold drizzle and a nontrivial headwind this morning made the ride in very long but pretty isolated. It was my only day to commute by bike this week (and last week, too, I think), so I took it. 382 more words


Outliers are awesome too!

Just going to give warning right off the bat…I intend to talk about statistics. (Just in case someone is allergic) But, don’t worry it won’t be a bunch of dry numbers and formulas.  710 more words


Life is difficult

Ein an outlier to your outliers cousin, and I’m not real.

My buddy is in love, in love, he’s in love with a women who is of schizophrenic intelligence. 81 more words

Measures of Central Tendency

Measures of central tendency are measures which define the central tendency of observations of some random variable. These measures try to describe a quantitative… 165 more words


Local outlier factor(LOF)

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Anomaly detection에 사용되는 알고리즘으로 Markus M. Breunig, Hans-Peter Kriegel, Raymond T. Ng, Jörg Sander 이 2000년에 제안하였다.(“LOF: Identifying Density-based Local Outliers”) 주어진 데이터에 대해 이웃 데이터들과의 지역적인 편차를 측정하여 데이터의 특이성을 발견할 수 있다. 170 more words

Data Mining & Machine Learning

Difficult or Different- The humans of the work place

Who do you find difficult? Someone who is not your kind. Someone who disagrees. Someone who disturbs your peace.

Each of us is created unique. Knowing how to deal with the race is a task not many are adept at. 193 more words


The Outlier's Home

Yesterday on the blog, I showed one of my small pieces from this year’s Little Gems show at the West End Gallery, which opens February 6.   209 more words

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