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And a Little Worse

By the time I arrived home from our trip, my right shoulder was in extreme pain when I made any attempt to move it. It was ok if I let it stay still, but any attempt to use it caused pain to shoot through the entire arm and shoulder. 293 more words

Being an outlier with controversial but popular opinions is more effective than you would think — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Milo Yiannopoulos is an outlier with controversial but popular opinions that resonate with people who are quite different to him. The way the world is supposed to work is that Gay men are supposed to be left wing politically and they are expected to not believe in God yet Milo has broken that mould and…

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Things Get Worse Before They Get Better

Not too much changed after bringing my mom back to the area–except that now in addition to the kids, husband and work, I also had my mom living with me. 372 more words

Winter 2012/2013

In January of 2013, I caught the flu. Not the stomach flu–the actual coughing, body-aching, head-throbbing, fever-filled flu. I had never had it before, and was shocked at how miserable I felt. 258 more words

#OUTLIER Premieres for the first time in Takoradi

There are so many people living with us who are suffering from all kind and form of disabilities, Be it Down-Syndrome, Bipolar, Cerebral Palsy or Autism just to mention a few. 402 more words

Entertainment News

For Those Who Know When to Hold On and When to Let Go

Einstein was labeled as disabled
Walt Disney was told he lacked imagination
Thomas Edison was expelled
Emily Dickenson only saw 12 of her hundreds upon hundreds of poems published in her lifetime… 520 more words

Lyrical Poetry

Ode to Outlier Pants


These pants have met both current and past the Foreign Ministers of Sweden at state dinners, survived a week in Egypt with camel rides and all, kept me warm through the winter in Canada, Iceland, and New England, and have kept me cool through the heat of Malaysia, Arizona, and New England. 319 more words