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Sometimes You Just Stay In The Middle For A Little

Sometimes the pressure to assimilate reaches critical mass and you have to either join the crowd or jump ship. But often, it’s just uncomfortable, not unmanageable. 958 more words


The Small Things in Life- Part I

Running Japalouppe isn’t the easiest of Jobs, it has its share of victories and losses; but the more I think about it, I realize that I was born to do this. 257 more words


Trade Your Highlighter for a Pen

We find comfort in the tried and true. In a world where we are bombarded with information telling us what to wear, how to act, and who to follow, we tend to stick to precedent. 358 more words



Kelly Marshall is an up and coming photographer on the world scene.


JFKU ENGLISH coursework

English is an important subject to anyone out there, and finding documents is one of the hardest tasks out here so here’s some textbooks for you!! 12 more words


Tea and Cigarettes

I read everywhere that people don’t get over their first love. Today, over my usual tea and cigarette in the afternoon, I was trying to recall which that first love is that I never got over. 385 more words


Tuesday Aggravation

Both bikes were out of commission this morning: Linus because of a completely-flat-won’t-hold-air-tire; Giant because of a completely-rusted-looks-like-an-abandoned-bike-chain. I swear, I’m thoroughly incompetent; every class I’ve taken and everything I’ve read says “chain maintenance is easy” and every winter, this happens to Giant. 131 more words