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Digest of the Gospel According to Luke

The following is a very brief digest of the book of Luke. The goal is to provide a condensed summary of the book–a cursory introduction for the benefit of personal study. 198 more words

Bible Study

Daily Tasks for Project 3

The following will outline the schedule I will follow to have a rough draft ready to go for class on March 20th.

Project 3

In the Beginning

Chances are, if you’ve come up with a story idea, you’ve probably got a few opening scenes, the climax, and maybe a handful of random ideas or bits or dialogue you have no idea where to put on your outline. 1,144 more words


Meeting that deadline xbyfri

This is a miserable process.

The more I study character archetype, the more conflicted I am. (That’s good, conflict!) My goal? Fix the character archetypes to match the standards of whichever system you’re using (there seem to be several, Jungian included). 284 more words


mapping it out

Writing a first draft–a “discovery draft,” as I like to call it–has to end somewhere. This is a blessed relief, because drafting is scary and hard. 210 more words

The Craft (fiction, Not Wicca)

Game Outline

Good evening everybody!

I hope you all had a good weekend?! :D
So, we had to make a game outline so we, as a team, would have a clear view on all the important parts of the game. 496 more words