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“When he speaks to her he imagines quite clearly the life they would have had, the life they would be sharing now. It is like walking past a house you used to live in: the fact that it still exists, so concrete, makes everything that has happened since seem somehow insubstantial. 21 more words


Five-Point Outline

When discovering a new idea for a book, there are many factors involved, primarily: What is the story, and who is the story about? These two elements are the driving point of building a plot line. 1,114 more words

#Am Writing

So You Want to Write an Outline…From the Writers in the Storm blog — Author Don Massenzio

Tasha Seegmiller I belong to several Facebook groups where people ask for and support the members in productivity, goal achievement, ownership and intentionality. Many of these are focused on writers, so when reporting on what the goals are, there are often people who say they want to create a solid outline for a WIP.

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Writing Tips

Mentorship Moment No. 1 – map your way out of writer’s block.

Last week, I wrote about what to expect from a mentorship and I promised I would share what I had learnt so far. In this first Mentorship Moment post, I’ll cover how outlining can get you out of, and into trouble. 600 more words

Twenty-six Degrees

Somewhere, not here
Not the shadow
Yet neither halfway
There it is

Just off centre
Definite miss
Yet still valiant
‘The perfect’

Obscure angle
Corner of eye… 7 more words


The Inward & Outline of Relationships

Women will never understand the mysteries of men until they understand the treasures of God. And men will never comprehend the mysteries of women until they truly understand the treasures of God. 1,463 more words


Polka Dot Fairy

Day 187 – Polka Dot Fairy

Created by arranging some circular sequins to make the outline of today’s fairy.