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The Outline of "Vietnam, Environmental Pollution, and the Smoking Gun: US Foreign Policy Must Resolve the Growing Economy in Vietnam to Reap Vietnam’s Benefit as a Growing Economy"

  1. Introduction

Vietnam’s fast growing economy, the fastest of the countries in the Southeast Asian region, can serve as both an economic threat and opportunity for the United States, even though the US’s role in Vietnam’s economy is characterized as impersonally entrepreneurial at best and dominating at worst (where the US have a history in the Vietnam War to see Vietnam as a country of resource to supply the US and not seen as an equal trading partner the US can rely on for help during times of need). 4,863 more words


The Beast That Is Nanowrimo

Marty Robbins: Strawberry Roan

I completed 55,004 words last Saturday to qualify for Nanowrimoship. A good deal of the month I worked on back story and extracurricular scenes for the novel I began in November. 800 more words


Toddler Craft: The Amazing Elf

This is a fun art project for your toddler. It is really simple to do, and very entertaining.

What you need:
Colors (crayons, colored pencils) 189 more words



Backstory: Hanskir was Outcast for her foot being crippled in an accident at the age of 10. She didn’t move far from the gates after being Outcast until Bhar met her. 563 more words




Backstory: Crest’s father was a high-up Elite who had an affair with a servant girl. When the girl was found to be pregnant, she and Crest were Outcast. 982 more words