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February 8, 2016


So my complicated life is much more complicated as it is already is if that even makes any sense? Rule one: never go for a guy who’s a few years younger than you. 603 more words

The Naked Me. Bean there, done that.

Then. Now. And Later.

I spend many moments in my life reflecting on where I am now, where I was before and where I want to be – later. 985 more words


When you began the Family Tree Novels, did you have the adventure completely outlined?

When you began the Family Tree Novels, did you have the adventure completely outlined? How have you been surprised along the way? Were the introductions of additional characters  important in the influence of the story’s direction? 141 more words


Writing an Outline - struggle

Historically, I fly by the seat of my pants when I write something new. I dive in with a premise and a character and a place, and I see where it takes me. 538 more words


My Thoughts On Outlining My First Novel

After a long internal battle, I admit to defeat.  This pant-sing thing isn’t working for me anymore.  (FYI, pant-sing means to write “organically” or to write “by the seat of your pants.”) 869 more words


Peacekeepers Outline


A globe-trotting talk show gone rogue. Imagine how much trouble Jerry Springer, Sally Jesse Raphael, Phil Donahue and Maury could have stirred up if they had taken their shows not only on the road – but around the world. 389 more words


The torment and anguish: Outlining Abomination

Look, I don’t like outlining. I just don’t. This does not make sense, considering my soul’s desperate desire for order. You’d think that order = not chaos, and chaos = not outlining, therefore order = outlining. 585 more words

How To Write A Book