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Now I know, 'Tis Better to Outline'

I’ve been a College Writing Tutor now for awhile. I help college students write papers… all sorts of papers.

One thing that has become very clear: if I can help the student have some kind of tentative  (and very simple) outline, before they’ve even begun to write, then they will save time and have an organized planned paper.  231 more words

Let's Explore A Bit

This is an opportunity for us to all explore and become more familiar with this site.

Please follow the step by step to familiarize yourself with where assignments, discussions and resources will be posted. 218 more words


Editors Are Our Friends

Today I am going to gush about how wonderful my editor is. A subtitle to this blog post could be: And Why They Are Worth Every Penny. 901 more words


The Tangled Plot

I find it funny that my first post of 2017 is going to be about entirely scarping most of the work I did on Book 3 in 2016. 587 more words


Creating My Garment - Day 3/4


After untying my tye dye and ironing it all out it was time to embroid all over it. As the tye dye created some wonderful patterns I wanted to enhance them. 128 more words


Narrative Theory

Narrative – created to entice and keep the audience interested

  • similar to story telling
  • how a story is told
  • allows audience to impose a pattern and order that real life lacks…
  • 1,634 more words

The Design Process

Fashion is a business. In this series, I am discussing what it takes to create a fashion collection and how it applies to other businesses, mostly writing. 1,046 more words