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Daily Writing Check-in: October 18, 2017

Words/Time: undefinable amount of work done

So first, I did spend about 12 minutes talking through my issues with the outline for “Vin” (my… 395 more words

Daily Writing

Outline #03

I’m struggling to express this now. It seems that not only have I been killed by this paedophile f**k, but I’m also his wife! I mean, not now – obviously; I’m dead after all, but like, in a previous life. 502 more words


Tips for writing Historical Fiction

When first starting to write out any Historical Fiction short story, book and/or novel, the very first thing you should consider is which countries history you want to write about and also which time period as well. 689 more words

Greysons of Grimoire: One Month In

It’s been one month since Greysons of Grimoire began, so here I am checking in, talking about the novel and the writing process, and hinting at what’s to come!    1,458 more words

Treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons (Outline).

I. Introduction:

A. Hook: ‘138 countries have research about nuclear technology, 30 countries have at least one active nuclear reactor, but only 9 of them actually own nuclear weapons, and yet hardly do we know about the one treaty that made all 3 of these things possible.’ 527 more words


Writerly Notions: to outline or not? idea or story

I think the parlance terms are “plotter” or “pantser”: Does one write a structured outline or structure the story as one goes along?

I’m trying to process this whole outline vs. 633 more words



Welcome to my site!

Here are 5 tips for writing a bomb paper:

  1. Outline and organize your thoughts/ideas and write a draft
  2. Have editors & proofreaders (like me) read and go through your draft.
  3. 127 more words