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Getting Started 002-02

What should I write about, the question every aspiring writer must confront. When confronted with a blank page many writers find they don’t have an answer. 500 more words


The Weekend Cool Down

For the weekend, I wasn’t creative. I did far more relaxing that I anticipated, and was happy to do so. It was a moment to reflect on how to chill and allow all the ideas I put to paper marinate. 220 more words


An Apology to Readers

Hello there readers. I know I’ve been practically absent from the blog this month. There is a good reason for that, and as unhappily as I say this, I’ve been ill. 392 more words


Framing the motion

Walking up the stairways I saw people pass by looking through constricted passageway. In lack of proper light all I could see was the contoured image of people .This view interests me so I hold my ground took out my camera and clicked these photographs.

Hitesh Vaidya

Outlining: The Irresistible Novel

Chapter eleven of Gerke’s book, The Irresistible Novel, is a little different than the previous ten. Up to this point each chapter has focused on a principle of writing (like POV, setting, characters, etc.) but chapter eleven is centered more on the discipline of writing. 652 more words

#donereading : "9 Langkah Cepat Selesaikan Outline Tulisan Fiksi & Nonfiksi" by Monica Anggen

Pernah merasa kebingungan ketika hendak memulai menulis sebuah buku? Atau boro-boro nulis buku, baru mau menuangkan ide dan gagasan pikiran ke dalam sebuah tulisan saja kok rasanya nggak tahu harus mulai darimana? 398 more words



So, do you ever feel like your characters have something missing? If it’s descriptions or simple inconsistencies we’ll be covering it today.

1. Descriptions

Okay, so if you’re having problems with creating good character descriptions or all of your characters look pretty much identical in your head we have a few simple tricks here. 520 more words