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Writer's Toolbag: Writing a Series Part I: Planning

So you’ve got this great idea, right?   A book series that’s going to be the next Robert Jordan, George RR Martin, and Terry Brooks all rolled into one.   872 more words


Cup of Dcaf: Finding Your Balance

Let’s be frank here: every writer is going to have a unique approach to writing a book. I’m not going to sit down and say “you have to do it this way!” For one thing, that would be bad advice. 905 more words


Plot Patterns & Structures 101-04

A good story keeps the audience focused on what’s happening, while allowing them to subconsciously recognize the underlying the patterns. As a writer it’s important to understand how and why a story works. 728 more words


Outline Effectively

I read two novels recently, one right after the other. Both were apparently outlined, but only one read seamlessly all the way through. Why?

Because the first author seemed to outline only the events to take place in the book. 575 more words



You’re ready to write.

You have an idea. You bought a notebook, some pens, some highlighters. You know which genre you’d like to try. You’re feeling pretty freaking unique and original right about now. 1,076 more words


Same Old Me in a Different Direction

I have a clue where the next novel is headed. I can see the general direction. Out on the horizon lies a lovely sunset. I’ve just got to figure out how to get there. 503 more words

Monte Dutton

Outline of Matthew 18

  1. Who is the greatest?
  2. Love the little children
  3. Cut off bad body parts
  4. Saving the one sheep
  5. Church sins
  6. Parable of the awful servant