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How to Write Unexpected Story Events - Helping Writers Become Authors

Having your characters do things that are unexpected things can work really well—if you do it right.

Want to write stories readers will find unexpected and that will delight them with the realism of your plot twists? 16 more words


Wow, I actually like first drafting?

This is something I was stunned to realize, here on Day 1 of 15 of my epic Fang rewrite-a-thon.

Me, the queen of revising and tinkering, enjoy first drafts? 349 more words


Novel Plot Mistakes: 7 Don'ts | Now Novel

Be aware of and avoid these pitfalls …

Novel plot mistakes can derail an otherwise good story. Read 7 don’ts for crafting your novel’s plot and make sure your story makes cohesive sense. 8 more words


Goals for December + Random Updates

December is one of my favorite months of the year–it usually is snowing outside (though I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing snow this winter yet and my hopes are high that I’ll wake up some day this month to a white ground) and they joy is amazing with Christmas coming up. 507 more words


3 Tips for Weaving Together Your Story's Pieces (How to Outline for NaNoWriMo, Pt. 6) - Helping Writers Become Authors

For those of you in the process of editing/revising all those words your put together for NaNoWriMo – The bob and weave method of outlining just in time for NaNo … or any other time. 48 more words


The Only Reason Your Story Should Have Flashbacks - Helping Writers Become Authors

Flashbacks should stay true to their name. They should (mostly) show up and disappear in a flash.

Flashbacks are handy for sharing backstory. But they’re frequently misused and abused. 23 more words


Pantser's Guide to Writing: You Are Not Broken!

For writers who don’t outline—called pantsers—it’s hard finding anything on how to write that doesn’t involve outlining.

Author Linda Maye Adams, a pantser writer, cuts through some of the myths and may save you wasted time looking for solutions. 34 more words