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Time to stop researching

I looked up from my iPad and watched a pair of flamingos wing overhead. The smell of a distant brushfire faded and was replaced with a delicious smell from the cook tent. 772 more words


Ready for the weekend

Like all my weekends recently, it will be a combination of work and fun. I already changed my wallpaper. It must be August somewhere, right? There are fireflies in part of Will O' the Wisp, and I decided it looks cool. 234 more words


Character-Driven vs. Plot-Driven

Evening, Squiders. I hope it’s not as hot where you are as it is here.

When we were talking about pacing last week, we mentioned that slower pacing tends to emphasize character over plot, and faster pacing tends to emphasize plot over character. 417 more words


Tonight on the Write Stuff -- The 30 Day Novel with Pamela Osborne

Have you ever wanted to write a novel but you felt you didn’t have time? You work, you have family responsibilities, and your time seems to be eaten up by everything you have to do in a day and then rinse and repeat. 509 more words

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3 Things to Do When Your Writing Fails

“I’m a failure.”

This is what I was thinking for a while. Writing was happening, but it was garbage. (I’ve come to learn I have incredible and unreasonable expectations.) Here are the three things I did when I failed. 324 more words

Current Project

Before You Begin

People always say that there are two ways of writing. The edge of your seat, jump right in writing, and writing with outlines. Writers each argue that their way is the best way to write. 666 more words


Visualising my WIP

I keep thinking my WIP is so much further along than it actually is.  I keep writing words, but it’s like they pour into some black hole of completed novel underestimation. 326 more words