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How to Draw Maps and Floor Plans for Your Story – Wordquill

Drawing maps and floor plans can be a critical element in the suspension of disbelief.

Have you ever struggled with the layout of a setting in your story? 56 more words

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Outlining on the Fly

The debate goes on: to outline or not to outline.

Like many things in life, I take the third option when faced with two. Being a realist, I don’t think in terms of a glass half full or half empty—I’m waiting for the water to arrive before I make a decision. 625 more words


5 Tips for Organizing Subplots - Helping Writers Become Authors

Subplots are those things you keep in your story’s basement, right? And you bring them out to entertain your readers while other boring stuff is happening in your story, right? 40 more words

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Son of Experiment - Back to the Drawing Board

It’s late, I’m tired, I probably should leave this until tomorrow, but it’s not been a good day writing-wise, so I’d like to go to bed knowing I accomplished something. 436 more words



I hated school when I was in it. Hated. Not mildly disliked. Not thought I hated but truly I miss it now. I hated it and I still hate how I felt through it. 344 more words


hero's journey

People often talk about the Hero’s Journey type of story. Here is an excellent explanation and description of it.

Source: hero’s journey

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Tackling a Major Revision, or How I'm Revising for Pitch Wars

In addition to promising to talk about my Pitch Wars mentors’ books (I’ll feature Kristin Smith’s books next week!), I said I’d share my revision process, so here goes. 938 more words