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How I Outline: Setting

Welcome back for the third installment of my How I Outline series! (Or welcome for the first time, if you haven’t been following along.) I’ve already shared my tips on… 875 more words


How to Get Up Close With Your Characters - Helping Writers Become Authors

Up close and personal with your imaginary characters? Right!

Discover three methods to “meet” your characters in fascinatingly visual and enlightening ways, so you can better bring them to life in your stories. 13 more words


#amwriting: circumstance, objective, and the story arc

If you intend to write a novel, especially a fantasy novel, a little pre-planning and at least a smidge of an outline is really beneficial. 732 more words


How I Outline: (Yes, I Am A Crazy Person)

Guys! NaNoWriMo is happening in ONE WEEK! So… I am now writing a post about how I outline instead of finishing my outline… Yes, it’s counterproductive. 1,140 more words

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TWP - From Idea to Plot

Once you have your idea, what’s the next step? Now you need to develop the idea to a point where you can write it. This point is different for everyone, some people (called plotters) like to have the whole thing figured out before you start. 662 more words


Add A Character, Up Your Word Count! |

From The Kill Zone, another way to help you win NaNoWriMo. Add a character to your story.

Source: Add A Character, Up Your Word Count! |


How I Outline: Structure

I’ve been busy the last two months with the final edits of Volume 1 (which I suppose I should start calling by its official name, … 1,116 more words