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7 Ways to Use NaNoWriMo to Make You a Better Writer All Year Long

Gaining and practicing skills that will serve you in the long term provides you with an invaluable leg up on the rest of your writing career. 12 more words

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Teaching Tuesdays: A fear for the future

Sometimes after a long round of grading I find myself seriously worrying about the future of our country. Tonight was one of those nights.

I spent about 5 hours this weekend reading over outlines for research papers. 683 more words


Laying the Tracks from the Train

There is a writing sin that exists which makes all other writing sins pale in comparison to its slothful travesty. Such a sin is borderline unforgivable and can only be redeemed by a great vision and the ability to pull something magical from one’s butt cheeks. 662 more words


NaNoWriMo 2017: Week Two

Days 8-15

Word Count: 25,350 Photo by Michel Paz on Unsplash

What. A. Slog. Week Two was harder than Week One! I spent quite a bit of time online reading about everyone else’s struggles with Week Two, and how so many participants slow down at that point. 1,189 more words


The Writing Process

This post is part of a series of posts by Jill Williamson a prolific and successful writer of YA fantasy. I hope you might find it useful if you are stuck in your process and need some ideas. 6 more words

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4 Ways to Prevent Formulaic Story Structure

Avoiding the problems with a formulaic story structure depends on how well you understand story structure and how creatively you deal with your story within that structure.


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