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Let me take you underground

Deadline is May 9!! Win a free signed copy of my book, “Underground At Springdale: Volume 1.” You’ve got some competition! 69 people have entered to win! 69 more words


Tactile attention

Companies are always handing out trinkets and toys and even swag. They do that because they want you to remember them and they want you to take some action. 554 more words



Dynalist is a outlining and organizing web app. It can be used for notes, Todo lists/GTD, brainstorming, etc. It has a good looking (seriously so), easy to use interface, and includes OpenDyslexic as an option. 6 more words


3 Steps to Detailed Character Development

Many aspiring authors understand the need to develop the main character’s background (BG) without really understanding how or why. Sure, writers need something in the BG to explain why the character is where the or she is when the story begins, and maybe flavor the character’s reactions. 1,157 more words


Writing: Outlining a Scene

Have you ever sat down to write a scene and just ended up staring at your computer screen for an hour? You’ve outlined your novel, you have a couple notes on what supposed to be happening, but for some reason you can’t truly visualize it. 1,137 more words

A State Of Play Post

I’ve not blogged much recently because I want to move away from posts where I’m just updating how my writing is going. Instead I may do a post like that once a week or so, and try to focus on posts where I’m putting more thought into them talk about the things that interest and excite me. 225 more words