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Detailed Outline vs. Sagging Middle

I haven’t posted for a while now, mostly because I took a break from Blender to work on the novel. I’d decided to outline first this time – and, by “outline”, I mean “go through every single scene and decide what happens and why before you write it”. 317 more words


Primary and Secondary Character Arcs

We’ve talked about primary characters and secondary characters. Now it’s time to outline their interactions.

Once we have individual story arcs for each character, we now determine where they meet. 125 more words


Outline Secondary Characters Second

We’ve outlined our protagonist for our example story in the coffee shop.

Before we discuss story obstacles, what about the other characters? Who else could be involved? 242 more words


Adapting the Snowflake Method

Yesterday, I wrote a brief post about the Snowflake Method and how it compares with what I do now. I had some interesting responses (I’ll get to those comments as soon as I can), mostly not in favour of this method. 494 more words


Outline the Protagonist First

The “want” of a character is what drives the story. Our character needs to want something bad enough they are willing to go through treacherous obstacles to get it. 295 more words


Analysis & Significance

Exit Slip Reflections

Exemplifying and Analyzing your Habits of Mind

Considering the Snowflake Method of Writing

Today, I saw an article about writing using the snowflake method. I haven’t really thought about how I would categorize my own writing and outlining method, but I thought I’d see how it compares with the snowflake method. 422 more words