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The Secret to Writing Dynamic Characters: It's Always Their Fault - Helping Writers Become Authors

It’s a fine line that crosses over to a slippery slope you don’t want to go down. Learn how to torture your characters properly.

It’s a joke among writers: we are so mean to our characters! 31 more words





Apparently, I either post a billion times at once, or once every five blue moons.

Anyways, just a quick post to say… I’M ALL DONE OUTLINING!!! 483 more words


Do you have a designing principle?

I’m currently battling with writing an outline, bored of spending my (meagre) writing time chasing plot bunnies through ever-deepening warrens. Going back to outlining is kind of a spiral in itself. 168 more words


How to Choose the Right Antagonist for Your Story - Helping Writers Become Authors

Aha! How to choose just the right bad guy/gal/thing for your story!

Want to learn how to choose the right antagonist for your story? All you have to do is double-check him against this four-part checklist. 15 more words


I hate outlining. I would rather drink a smoothie made with nothing but asparagus, brussel sprouts and broccoli. As a matter of fact, I do hold my nose a little when I outline–but I do outline. 300 more words


Snippet Sunday #6

It’s Snippet Sunday time!!! Y’all probably know this by now, but here’s how to participate: 

■Share a snippet of your writing-a sentence, a paragraph, a bit of dialogue, or whatever!  95 more words

Snippet Sunday

Writing, School, Work, Family, Friends... How do we do this?

I’m feeling this a lot lately. I started back at school and officially started revisions. I’m feeling overwhelmed!

School: I know not everyone is in school, but I’ll include it anyway. 338 more words