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3 Reasons Outlining is Actually Kinda Awesome

Generally, I like to “shoot from the hip” when it comes to writing.  Just like most of my verbal conversations, I say whatever, whenever I think it. 716 more words


What I Learned from Rereading Harry Potter

Once again I’ve just finished rereading Harry Potter, most of it during this past month because I’ve been doing a lot of writing. It’s also because I was gifted a new set for Christmas (the ones with the cover spines forming a picture of Hogwarts), and I wanted to break in the new books. 797 more words

My Own Writing Process

Back to the Outline of the Future

The presentation’s done, the conference is over. I can start turning my attention back to writing.

But writing what? The book I’m outlining now is near-future science fiction, something that’s usually difficult to pin down. 134 more words


Hi, there!

Hi there!

So, not much going on around here. I just ate like an entire bucket of blueberries. I had to screen them pretty carefully for mold though cause I didn’t eat them right away after I bought them (like I told myself I would), but they were still good! 489 more words


Three Dirty Birds and Pacing

In which I have a light bulb moment about why some books do so well. :) Over at Ana’s blog!

Three Dirty Birds Talk

A Review of Red Queen, Where I've Been, and What I'm Doing

Wow I’ve been gone for a long time. I won’t go into a long, boring explanation of why I haven’t posted in a few months, but it involves a lot of sickness, the ER, and school finals. 554 more words

By Elizabeth

Lester Dent's Master Plot Formula

About a week ago, I posted Mark Teppo’s Outline Your Novel in 90 Minutes. At the end of the outlining process, he suggested several other tools people could use to figure out what style or approach is best for them. 1,436 more words