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Breaking Storytelling with Process

I started writing when I was eight.  I loved writing adventures.  Before class, I’d get a sheet of notebook paper and write my stories (and sometimes when I was bored during class). 404 more words


A Study in Omniscient POV, Part 1 | Linda W. Yezak

Learning about and understanding Point of View is an important piece of the writing puzzle that we all need to understand.

Billy did something in his new release that isn’t done much these days: he used the omniscient point of view. 29 more words


Why I always outline (unless I don't)

The world of writing is full of rules and absolutes, many of which conflict with each other even to the point of being polar opposites. Never start writing a story without a full outline. 1,043 more words


When Does Writing Get Easier? The 4 Steps to Mastery - Helping Writers Become Authors

Ooh, ooh, ooh GOOD news! :D

“When does writing get easier?” is a question I’m often asked. And yet, all these years, I’ve been giving the wrong answer. 19 more words


World Building 104 - Government

What rules our planet? A democracy? A dictatorship? A parliament? An emperor? What rules yours?

Governments have been forming since the dawn of civilization as a way for a community of people to decide upon things. 644 more words


Write Your First Novel Part Three Plotter vs Pantser: To Outline or Not to Outline…

“Nora Roberts says she never knows where her story is going, that she sits down at the computer to find out.”

Writers, when they aren’t writing, love to talk about writing. 977 more words


Do all you possibly can

It’s that time of year for kids and young adults to graduate. In our family we have at one end – a college graduation  (and he goes right into the army from there) and at the other end, we also have one who will be entering her senior year in high school. 536 more words