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The Strange Case of My Salmon Allergy

Hello, my friends!

This generally shocks anyone who knows that my parents come from Maine, but I am allergic to salmon. Not as allergic as I am to a certain obscure nut that often gets shoved under the “tree nut” label(that was a bad day) but still. 282 more words


Moon Connection

Lately I’ve really been focusing on truly being appreciative of every little moment, and change in a situation.
The past year was probably one of the most trying times I’ve experienced in life. 444 more words

My Inner Thoughts

Big Rambly Post on Heathenry and Race

Hello, my friends! We’re in for a doozy.

First, allow me a quick rant: I dislike like racists and racism. Of any form. I can’t stand racist jokes – unless they’re… 1,145 more words


Share Your World 2015 - Week 26

…..half way through the year….thanks Cee for 4 more questions

In a car would you rather drive or be a passenger?

It depends. On long trips I like to switch it up. 309 more words


shape (shifting) outlook

“So, for today’s prompt, write about something that helped to shape your outlook on life. This could be a person, a movie, a book, an object, a dream, or a quote…” 194 more words

Rattling Bones

Real work experience

For years my concept of work experience has been about the actual work or fields I worked in. Recently I realized that actual work experience may just be about how we interact with the different employers and companies, and have nothing to do with what we do day-to-day, hour to hour. 423 more words

Life is good

On Saturday I spent the day with my niece. She had high fever for most of the day and spent most of it in bed, in and out of sleep. 145 more words