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How not to give a fuck - with instructions!

Yesterday evening about 50 of us met to talk about “how not to give a fuck”.

The title is attractive but misleading. The discussion was not about how not to care, or about how to be “cool” in the adolescent, “whatever” kind of way. 991 more words


Here’s a thought: What if I kept a public dream journal somewhere? Like a blog for my subconscious? I don’t know if anyone would read it, or where I would put it besides WordPress, but maybe. 78 more words


Why I Love Editing

That title will probably make some of you look at me with one of those, “Ej, you must be insane,” faces. But it’s true. I love editing. 668 more words


Hermit's Log: 2.27.2015

Uhh… Happy anniversary?

That was unexpected. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been on WordPress for a year, but apparently I have. Cool beans!

Right. Update. Well,  330 more words


The longest answer ever to “how do you feel?"

Just this time, if you ask me how I feel, I will answer at length. Here it goes.

I don’t feel happy. I don’t feel fulfilled. 3,370 more words

All Writing

Hermit's Log - 1.29.2015

The Hermit is redecorating! A little.

Really, what I’m doing is getting serious about where my menus are, what is in them, and planning other things I want to do with this blog/site/thing to make it not just a space for doing and talking about Tarot, but also my books. 354 more words