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A little too much info, and a little bit of slacking

It’s been a while since I’ve typed up a blog, despite the fact that I’ve started several.

My world has been experiencing lots of change over the months and I could not be more excited and relieved that things are finally allowing me to find inner piece. 934 more words

Outlook On Life


Mindfulness is regularly in the news with regards to mental health, with articles both promoting and questioning its benefits. This week, fundraising volunteer Katie writes about her experience with mindfulness, from a somewhat sceptical starting point … 427 more words


The One Terrible Truth

No matter what you feel towards Mademoiselle Swift, she really nailed it.

This year has gone from positive good blogging to, “my life is shit, and here’s why.” Only, I did that 1,000 times. 199 more words

Personal Reflections

Colouring the moment

“With imagination and creativity guided by inspiration we are colouring the moment.” #bgdtcoaching.

Depending on how we are feeling right now, we may be colouring the moment with a splash of excitement and joy. 237 more words

Brian Groves


This is kind of a post script (thanks Neil!) to my last post, Loser.

I think what attracted me to psychology in the first place is just how bizarre people can be, and how one person can be so different from another in thought and actions.  470 more words


How not to give a fuck - with instructions!

Yesterday evening about 50 of us met to talk about “how not to give a fuck”.

The title is attractive but misleading. The discussion was not about how not to care, or about how to be “cool” in the adolescent, “whatever” kind of way. 991 more words