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My Self-Love Story & August Emotional Mayhem

In which I respond to Kelly-Ann Maddox’s call for self-love stories for Self-Love September 2016, and explain why I was away for basically all of August. 41 more words


Refresh Your Attitude

If there was ONLY ONE thing I could say I learned in my life (aside from Jesus-everyone needs Jesus!), it would be that changing the shade of lenses one looks through will color their outlook on life. 159 more words

How has your creative summer been so far?

Hello from the West Coast of Canada!

I hope your summer is shaping up wonderfully! I took this selfie last night aboard our boat anchored in Boundary Bay. 377 more words

Outlook On Life

Book Launch! Fruitless at 40: Rediscovering my Creative Power

I am not fruitless anymore. Through the writing, learning and practicing of the past 6 years, I have come out the other side with more wisdom, creativity and passion than I knew was possible. 328 more words

Outlook On Life

What is your creative superpower?

If a child was asked what their superpower was, they would wonder why they had to pick just one? This child could easily convey their strengths, listing them off one by one. 530 more words

Outlook On Life

How long is each creative session?

After receiving 123 responses, the one word that is most common in the answers to this question on my survey is, depends. Some common derivatives: 177 more words

Outlook On Life

5. Kekuatan

Setelah menjalani hidup selama dua puluhan tahun ini,
aku sadar bahwa manusia sangat membutuhkan apa yang disebut “kekuatan.”

Kita butuh visi, ya. Kita butuh hikmat, ya. 420 more words