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Some Past Life Experience

Because this is the number one thing I get asked about, and it’s also rather relevant, actually!


A Look Back on 2015: Chasing A Time & Trying Again Another Day

Now that I’m all settled in a new place, here’s one of the posts that’s been sitting around…

The last year has been a bit unusual for me. 823 more words


When a Song Speaks to Me

Have you ever listened to a song over and over, because you can’t believe you neverĀ really heard it before, or because it just feels like, finally, someone has expressed how you’ve been feeling? 447 more words

Outlook On Life


Yesterday was an absolute 10. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky. A little breeze.

As I drove down main street I couldn’t help but notice all the colors: green, purple, burgundy, yellow, white, so bright and vivid against the clear blue sky. 141 more words


Something to Say

I haven’t posted on this blog in two years. I just haven’t felt like I have something to say. I have plenty on my mind, plenty of rants and issues and opinions. 96 more words

Outlook On Life

YouTube Pagan Challenge Week 15

Hello, friends!

I call shenanigans on my scheduling for this week, but I’m gonna do it anyway. Here are my thoughts on spellwork on a regular basis.


YouTube Pagan Challenge Week 14

Hello, friends!

A ramble on what magic means to me. I’m calling this the sunburned episode.