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I’ve never been a positive person.  I am quick to find problems, drawbacks, and concerns; rather than benefits, advantages, and gains.  I wouldn’t consider myself to be negative, but then again, that’s what all negative people say.  405 more words

Why the pen is mightier than the IPAD.

You may think that a brave statement for a blog that prides itself on technology, innovation and problem solving. But trust me on this.

First let’s consider the longevity of each of these – firstly the humble Biro.

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March 2015 - The Highs take a break

“The Highs which have had a tight grip on the country recently look likely to take a break as we start March” said MetService Meteorologist Georgina Griffiths. 183 more words

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Se acaba la integración de Outlook con Facebook y Google

En una comunicación enviada por Microsoft, que ha sorprendido algunos, se dado conocer que Microsoft eliminara de Outlook su integración con los servicios de chat para Facebook y Google. 218 more words


Bashing The Mainstream: Why Acting Cool Is Uncool

It’s a conversation I have repeatedly with friends of mine whenever the topic is raised. Someone will make a statement about the ‘mainstream’, which will usually express the supposedly cancerous lack of originality and simplicity in current popular music. 676 more words


How #AzureML and #MachineLearning are helping managing my Inbox–Part I

In this post, how to build an AzureML model to auto suggest folders/labels for email classification & archiving. How to consume AzureML web service directly on Outlook. 610 more words

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