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20- Drastic Changes in the New Me

20- Drastic Changes in the New Me

In November, 1974, I had stepped into the tail-end of the Charismatic Renewal and the Holy Spirit was still very powerful and empowering. 415 more words


LEAD SUMMIT 2016 - Paul Scanlon 1

We should never attempt to grow the church we should be always be seeking to grow BIG PEOPLE.

1 Kings 8:14-19
It really mattered to God to let us know that David had the dream to build to build the temple in his heart although he was not the one who built it. 316 more words


The UK: Convergence in the year of jubilee

2nd May 2016 was a convergence of two great sporting achievements for Leicester in the UK, not just their unlikely Premiership title, but Mark Selby, a Leicester snooker player winning the world championship. 256 more words




Acts 2:17-21

Paul quoted from Joel 2 in his famous Pentecost message. Yet, there are portions of Joel’s prophecy that deserves highlighting because of the common misunderstanding and application of Joel’s prophecy in spite of Peter’s explanation/application of the prophecy to Pentecost. 54 more words

My Brief Thoughts On The Logan County Revivals and Outpouring

A couple of weeks ago, I shared some brief thoughts on my personal Facebook about the Logan County Revivals and Outpourings. Many found those thoughts very helpful, and I plan on sharing those here in this post. 579 more words

West Virginia

issue me a personal invitation

“about what I’m supposed to do with my life,” read more
“If you’re reading this, I’d like to welcome you and give you a hug.” … 391 more words

Abeltje Quintijn

Should We Pray for Revival? - Article by Alvin Reid

Five Reasons to Pray for Revival

So should we pray for revival? Let me offer five thoughts on the topic:


source: desiringGod.org