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Although many are proclaiming the end is here…We as Christians forget to proclaim that the Great Harvest is here!  That the biggest out pouring of his spirit and power are here.  318 more words


The Sunday Morning Special! "Up From The Grave: The Great End-Times Revival!"

The Sunday Morning Special!

Up From The Grave:

The Great End-Times Revival!

Does the Bible prophecy a great end-times revival of the Church? If so, how can we discern the difference between authentic revival and the counterfeit movements described in Matthew 24? 38 more words


Here we are...

Here we are in the tempest of life

Here we are in the war room

On our knees, on our knees

Asking the Lord above… 86 more words


The Sunday Morning Special! "The Great Awakening: The End-Times Outpouring Of The Holy Spirit"

The Sunday Morning Special!

The Great Awakening:

The End-Times Outpouring Of The Holy Spirit

Welcome to Session 2 of The Great Awakening Seminar.

What is the end-times outpouring of the Holy Spirit? 58 more words


The Church's Cry for the Glory Days

Why can’t we go back to the good old days? Where has all the morality gone? Why can’t it be like the ’50s again? This line of thinking has reached the ear of the author quite a few times over the past few months. 906 more words

“I long for the day I can read a poem or write a sentence without thinking about you.”

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